Features of doll makeup

Features of doll makeup

Each type of woman age has its own type of makeup. Doll makeup, too, has its limitations. It is not suitable woman who is in her thirties. But for the girls of younger age this makeup will be very useful, especially if a little girl still lives inside who does not mind playing with dolls.

Features of doll makeup

This image will not leave men indifferent. Dolls are always open and defenseless, as a result, it wakes up in the strong sex the desire to protect and preserve a girl. Doll makeup is ideal for girls who have blue eyes and blond hair. These ladies will look lovely with long curled eyelashes and big eyes open to the world.

To create a doll makeup you just need to have the perfect smooth skin and smooth face color. If there are any flaws, you have to use the tonal foundation or use a pencil and powder for correction. The basis of the doll makeup is warm colors, especially shades of pink and peach. It is advisable to use loose light beige or transparent powder.

Technique of preparation of the skin for doll makeup
1. The first step is to distribute the moisturizer on the skin of the face, not forgetting about the eyelids. Leave on for ten minutes for complete absorption;
2. Next you need to moisten the sponge and spread a small amount of the foundation;
3. If there are small irregularities of the skin, such as acne, they should be disguised with proofreader;
4. You need to smooth the dark circles under the eyes with concealer;
5. After this, apply powder to your face, while conceding the eye area.

Eye makeup

Doll makeup is to draw attention to the eyes. Just like the pupa just beckons with her trusting eyes. Therefore, the doll makeup should be approached with great care.

Tint of shadows should be chosen of very subtle pastel tones very, such as the color of violets, delicate rose, sky blue or turquoise. Apply the shadow only on the mobile eyelid.

Liquid eyeliner adds expressiveness to the look. It will make eyes round, add innocence to the expression of the face and make a look surprised. For this very thin line is drawn only on the upper eyelid along the roots of the eyelashes.

The main highlight of the doll makeup is long recycled eyelashes. These eyelashes conquer, and their mesmerizing sways. In order to achieve this effect, you must first curl lashes with special tweezers. Then apply balm on them, or to caring serum to protect and strengthen the lashes, preventing their adhesion in the process of using mascara. Begin with the eyelashes of the lower eyelid, which are covered with a thin layer of mascara in one step. Lashes of the upper eyelid will require greater care. For makeup you will need two mascaras: the extension and volume ones. The first goes lengthening mascara, which the lashes are covered with once by zigzag movements. After that, you need to comb the lashes with brush for lashes. Top should be covered with volume mascara, then comb them again. This process will provide the eyelashes like a Barbie doll, but only natural and incredibly fascinating.

Blush for doll makeup

To choose the right blush for the doll makeup, it is worth remembering children’s cheeks. To create such a makeup you should choose natural shades of ruddy baby face. This could be pink color with pearl, a shade of mature peach or soft rose. Apply blush in such a way as to highlight the cheekbones and apples of the cheeks, moving from the cheekbones to the temples.

Lips in the doll makeup

The final part of the doll makeup, without which there will not be a harmonious look, is puffy lips. You can get the trusty and enticing lips as follows:
1. First you need to cover the surface of lips with specially designed balm;
2. The next step is to process lips with concealer and powdered slightly;
3. With liner which is suitable to tone of lipstick you need to draw the contour of the lips;
4. Apply lipstick of a suitable color on the lips with special brush. Choose colors of bright red berries and roses;
5. The final touch is lip gloss, which will give them extra volume.

After completing all the above steps, you can easily turn into a real doll. This image has gathered the children’s innocence and purity, the baby tenderness and sweetness of fruit, children’s games and real life. Now you need to be adequate to internally created appearance and to complete the image with accessories and clothing, then you can safely play the role of a living doll.

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