Features of tea drinking in different countries

Features of tea drinking in different countries

Tea is an amazing drink. It’s drunk almost in all countries of the world. It contributes to rapprochement, mutual understanding, is conductive to the unity of people. Tea drinking is a ritual with its own traditions and peculiarities. What do we know about it? Practically nothing. Today a tea turned in a common and ordinary drink. And in Ancient Russia people gave a special importance for it.

Features of tea drinking in different countries

Russian tea ceremony – an ancient tradition

Our ancestors first tasted tea in 1638. The drink was presented to Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich by the Russian ambassador. The Emperor noticed that it has an invigorating effect, banishes sleep and dispels boredom. The tea became so popular in Russia, so no one meal goes by without it.

Samovar were used for brewing tea in ancient times, and people drink it not with cups with small saucers. The tea ceremony starts, usually, after a heavy meal. Such tradition has a great practical meaning for health. The thing is that this drink helps to digest food, fills a person with vivacity and new forces.

There are several most widespread traditional methods of tea brewing in Russia

  1. The water is heated in samovar. The tea leafs are left to brew with the boiling water. It should be drunk without sugar. If you like something sweet, you can eat all kind of desserts.
  2. A little later samovar was replaced with the normal kettle. Tea warmer is used instead of a teapot. The drinks shouldn’t be diluted with water.
  3. It’s made a strong tea with a tea leafs and a small amount of water. The drink should be poured into cups and diluted with water.

The most popular tea in Russia were Indian, Ceylon and Chinese. Today, every citizen of our country can pick up a drink, that he likes the best, because special shops are full of all types and varieties of tea.

How do people drink tea in England and China?

The birthplace of tea is China. Its representatives first learned to make this drink. They also drew attention to its heling properties. Tea ceremony has a special meaning in China. It’s elegant and mysterious. Each event in the life of Chinese always ends up with drinking of this drink.

If the Chinese wants to show his respect for the man, he offers him a cup of tea. The drink also helps to make peace between people, who are quarreled. In China you can find a lot of varieties of tea leafs, but he most popular ones are yellow, green and oolong. The tea ceremony must be performed in a relaxed atmosphere. Everyone must remove shoes before it. The tea is brewed in a teapot and poured into special saucers and cups. The teapot contains a special sieve, which you should fill on 2/3 with tea leafs. It provides high quality brewing of the drink and its transparency.

The first place for annual consumption of tea belongs to England in Europe. Every citizen of this country consumes daily a few cups of this fragrant drink. The fun fact is that thanks to increased popularity of this drink in Albion, English Aristocracy began to drink less alcohol.

It’s known that the British prefer only black classic tea. According to tradition, people always add milk and sugar. First, you must brew tea leafs, and only then use various additives. The atmosphere should be comfortable and cozy. Most often, the tea table is placed near the fireplace.

Unusual ways of making tea in different countries

The taste and appearance of tea can be different. It all depends on the method of preparation of the drink. Let’s look at the most popular tea drinks in different countries, the taste of which will surprise you for sure:

  • Matcha is a green powder tea, that’s popular in Japan. It’s considered as a traditional in this country.
  • Masala is incredibly popular Indian tea with different spices and herbs. For brewing this kind of tea, it should be poured with a mixture of hot milk and sugar.
  • The Turks love tea and drink it often. The peculiarity of the is drink in its original way of drinking. People use a special dual dishes, pouring the brew first and adding then a boiling water and sugar cubes.
  • Hong Kong residents are very fond of unusual drink They add condensed milk and crushed ice in iced tea.
  • Casima – is an unusual tea, that’s much appreciated in Tibet. It’s not just tea, but also milk, salt and yak butter. The taste is original. The drink helps to satisfy hunger and keep you warm in the winter cold.
  • Residents of Morocco always add mint to the drink.
  • Cold tea with tapioca is popular in Taiwan. It’s usually drunk in cold condition with different toppings, syrups, cream and milk.
  • Hibiscus tea is an integral part of wedding ceremony in Egypt.
  • Residents of Mongolia brew regular black tea with milk and add some salt. You should drink it with a metal shallow dish.
  • Each country has its own traditions of tea drinking that have developed historically. This drink is considered as the most popular in many countries all over the world. The tea ceremony is a refined ritual. If you love to travel, be sure to compare the classic taste of tea in different countries. A lot of pleasant memories are will be guaranteed!
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