Female hairstyle in a romantic style

Female hairstyle in a romantic style

Hairstyle is an integral part of woman’s image. It can be both complex composition and light, simple but flawless one just for you. The romantic style is becoming more popular among young girls. They are not only simple in performing but also in creating a feeling of lightness, giving a charm to its owner. The simplest hairstyle can’t take more than 10-15 minutes. Adult woman also like different styles, as romantic, but, as the statistic says, old ladies prefer short haircuts. And depending on that fact, that it’s easier to create romantic style haircut with long hair, because of various options for design and decoration, it should be considered a prerogative of the young ladies.

Female hairstyle in a romantic style


One of the most popular and beloved girl options. Slightly wrapped around the curling tresses must be combed. By doing this you give them a natural look. Finally, spray varnish to fix it.


To create such style, you should wind the hair a little longer. Curls will be elastic and flowing on shoulders. The ideal option is to open a neck, shoulder or collarbone, because, as we know, these parts of the body attracts male attention.


This options may be more appropriate for mature women. With the help of hot rollers, make you curls short but tight. It’s the best hairstyle to use different decorations with it.


They again becoming a trend. This is a great option for everyday work and for meeting friends and for romantic date. The main thing is to choose the right density of the spit. The more relaxed the braid is, the more romantic it will look. Complex braid of four or more lock perfectly complement the festive attire.

Artificial disheveled hair

You can create easy and gentle look, by creating a small bouffant at the roots. Let the styling to look a little sloppy, like you just ran out of the house. With the correct natural makeup, this hairstyle will emphasize youth and impeccable taste.


Don’t think that the pony tail is gone. A romantic look can be done with the help of it. The hairstyle is called a “twisted tail”. Pull your hair back with a rubber band at any height, and divide it into two parts at the base of the tail and then remove the hair through the band. Then spread it gently and sprinkle the curls with varnish. Complete the style with a barrette or other favorite decoration.

It will take less than 10 minute, and your look will be romantic and tender.

Romantic hairstyles should be always supplemented with the accessorizes. Ribbons, woven rhinestones, artificial flowers, hairpins and brooches will look great. The most important is to make image looks naturally. It’s not necessary to use heavy, volume decorating elements, because they just give you a few extra years. The abundance of flowers, butterflies, rhinestones, in contrast, will make you youthful and pretentious childish. Details need to be chosen wisely, individually for each dress, makeup and the occasion.

To create a romantic style there is no need to go to stylists – by making a simple curls or stabbing one of it behind the ear you can become a real prom queen.

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