Female magnetism – what is it?

Female magnetism – what is it?

Sacred female wisdom passed down for centuries from generation to generation. A woman that knows about preservation and concentration of her sexual energy, could create a harmonious life with her lover, and build a great relationship with the outside world.

Female magnetism – what is it

Every woman has the power, which has no equal in the world. It’s no secret that man is attracted by woman who carries a powerful potential, he intuitively feels that she would lead him to abundance and prosperity. Now women confuse the concepts of sexuality and sex appeal and distort their meaning. Sexuality is considered to be a natural expression of feminine qualities, while the sex appeal is the flashy colors of the clothes, bared legs and open neckline. Modern women do not think about the accumulation of their power, since this ancient knowledge is lost. As a result, the girls used only the external attributes for acquaintance. They create such images, which repel normal men. At first glance, man likes a short skirt or close-fitting ass, only later they realize that

it is ‘tinsel’ and there is no basis behind it. When communicating with a woman a man exchanges energy with her, so everyone wants to be with a filled woman. She has a special charge – female magnetism.

Also, a man, if he is devastated both emotionally and financially, is attracted by only dummy female. Therefore, he is saturated with the woman and leaves her. This is the law of the exchange of energy and it is happening in life.

Women need to study their essence, learn to control their energy and develop sexual potency. To interest a self-confident, responsible and generous man it is important to have very similar qualities. In order to achieve family happiness it is necessary to save women’s strength and constantly develop. Because both are responsible for everything in couple. A woman is a source of inspiration and strength for her beloved. Therefore, the more feminine energy, the higher the rise of her man!

In our time, lost ancestral knowledge about the accumulation of sexual energy is open for woman. In the old days, in every family this wisdom carefully passed from mouth to mouth. That’s why girl married virgin, saving her strength for her husband, and not wasting it with others. There are special practices that give women the power and reveal her sexual energy. They improve the quality of life and show the best side of women. It is important for every woman to realize her feminine nature, to wear dresses and skirts. Learn all the natural elements: fire giving passion and power, water giving the flexibility and fluidity, air granting ease and clarity and land granting the stability and domesticity. Everything is in our hands; you just need to want to build a happy on your own script!

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