Food addiction: a major enemy of weight loss

Food addiction: a major enemy of weight loss

Food plays an important role in safeguarding of human life and is one of the base’s needs. Eating brings people a lot of pleasure. However, excessive consumption of food can escalate into a complex problem, which is called food addiction. It is a condition when a person resorts to eat food without feeling hungry. That is, the problem has a deep psychological character.
People with this disorder are trying to drown their emotions, fears, excessive anxiety and stress with the help of food. Thus, it turns into gluttony, which causes tremendous harm to the body.

Food addiction a major enemy of weight loss

People with food addiction suffer from diseases of the endocrine system, gastrointestinal tract, have problems with being overweight.

Psychological observations show that food addiction occurs for two main reasons. One of them is frequent stress and problems. In this case, the eating helps to calm down and to blunt the negative feelings. The second reason is laziness and lack of problems in life. In this case, the person begins to eat because there is nothing to do.

The main signs of food addiction include:

• Constant person’s thoughts about food;
• Loss of self-control in food consumption;
• The emergence of the desire to eat during stressful and depressive situations;
• Unsuccessful attempts to reduce the number of products in the diet;
• The lack of a sense of proportion during the meal.

If you experience these symptoms you should think about how to re-evaluate your attitude in terms of nutrition.

Food addiction creates a number of difficulties in losing weight and fight against obesity. Therefore, you need to get rid of it, first of all. To do this, a person must exert much effort, to gain endurance and patience. And, of course, it takes some time.

To combat gluttony there is a number of recommendations

• Do not arrange warehouse of products at home. Buy only the necessary food in sufficient quantity. Cereals, meat, eggs are the best preferences. These foods require cooking and are not suitable for snacking.

• Do not limit yourself with diets and give up a favorite food. Diets can provoke the desire to eat, so you can treat yourself a little with something tasty.

• You should eat only in the case when hunger is felt. If you feel the need in eating because of stress or boredom, it is better to try to distract on something else. You can go for a walk, meet friends, watch a movie, and so on.

• It’s better to eat often and little throughout the day. Also, you must do it every day, adhering to the one-time. For this it is convenient to make yourself a schedule. If the between meals you need to snack, you can eat fresh fruit and vegetables (apples, citrus fruits, carrots).

• Limit sweets intake. To avoid temptation, it is appropriate to buy these products, when guests come for the holidays. It won’t make harm if you eat a few candies or cookies for breakfast.
You can combat food addiction. The main thing is to tune in to the desired result, try to avoid disruptions and deliberately approach to the seriousness of the problem.

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