French kiss as an art

French kiss as an art

Kiss is a touch to someone with lips as a sign of love. There are many kinds of them, but the most famous, popular and romantic is French. It is a deep kiss with tongue penetration into the partner’s mouth.

French kiss as an art

The history of the French kiss

As the name implies, this kind of kiss has come to us from a loving France. That’s what this story goes. Once in the Middle Ages one lady traveled to the province, and was near the house of the young winemaker. He hospitably offered her a glass of wine. After a drink, the girl began to ask the host questions, trying to find out the secrets of production. But the boy only said that every morning at dawn he kisses berries, thus expressing love for his work.

The lady smiled, clearly not believing the words of the winemaker. Then he plucked a few grapes, put them in his mouth and kissed the lovely lady. Fighting of their tongues was so active that the berries were immediately crushed. Juice did kiss so sweet and gentle that the young people immediately fell in love and never parted. From that case people began to kiss like this all over France, and then in the world.

How to do French kiss?

An active exchange of saliva is between the partners during the French kiss, which is not pleasant for everyone. This is not enough to shove the tongue in someone else’s mouth: it is necessary to make process bring a pleasure. How to kiss properly?

First, there is no need to rush; let the pace grow together with a passion – gradually. In general, no matter what actions are taken with tongue – simple rotation, pushing, pressure, sliding on the teeth, mouth and lips caress, the main thing is that this should enjoy both. There are no any specific instructions; everything is purely individual: as you like. Experiments are welcomed, but you should always observe the reaction of partner.

Often, the French kiss is a prelude to sex. It is very passionate and lasts long enough, during this time you can embrace, stroking partner, closely touching or rubbing with bodies. Lips and mouth contain nerve endings; their active stimulation leads to sexual arousal.

A few tips
Kiss requires an appropriate atmosphere and environment, best romantic or even just quiet. It would be better if nothing distract you at this time, like extraneous sounds, smells, thoughts or people, the main thing is privacy. The kiss involves the two, that’s why both should want it. If there is no mood, you need to tactfully refuse. Violently forcing someone to kiss is unacceptable.

Even if the passion is strong during the kiss, do not lose your head and don’t get involved in brutality, causing pain. You can gently bite a partner’s lip, but at the same time you should control your actions and force. Bad breath may push partner away and suppress the desire: you always have to monitor your own hygiene and neatness.

Do not discontinue French kiss suddenly; it should be done gradually, slowing the pace, slowly removing the tongue and closing the mouth. If kiss was the first between certain people, then light nice smile and gentle glance ‘eye to eye’ will smooth over the awkwardness.

French Kiss is very intimate; it brings partners closer pretty much. The greatest pleasure it brings to the familiar people, between which there is at least a strong sympathy, and in an ideal – love!

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