Glamour style in clothing

Glamour style in clothing

Many people would like to become bright and loudly declare about themselves one day, women, who experienced a lot of stress, are particularly prone to this even more. After all the lovely ladies appearance is always a means of self-expression and clothing becomes a simple way to show your originality. One of the most unusual styles of today is the glamorous style as it allows changing the image completely and adding brightness, using just a pair of new things.

Glamour style in clothing

The idea of the glamorous style of clothing
The main highlight of this style is the illusion of superiority. However, the glamor offers the acquisition of high self-esteem not only due to the ascension of the crowd, but also by demonstrating own individuality. This is an opportunity to create unique images, filled with self-confidence and brightness, but at the same time remain faithful to your own tastes in clothing. For example, having not quite suitable dress for this style, you can maintain a glamorous image orientation by accessories. Glamor style involves attention to detail, their precise selection and combination.

Color and fabric
Aristocratic glamor style calls for noble shades, but it is important mainly for retro and classic images of this trend. A modern interpretation suggests exceptionally bright, vivid colors, literally plunged into shock such as fuchsia, acid pink, green, dazzling white and others. Glossy elements such as jewelry, makeup, fabric inserts are also used actively. Preference is given to natural materials: cotton, silk, flax and fur. But glamor uses also a lot of synthetics, which has unique properties, for instance shiny or iridescent surfaces. But harmony of color is very important. The fundamental mistake here is redundancy.

Where glamor is appropriate?
Eccentricity of this style causes certain subtlety of application. Having certain pretentiousness, it is out of place in business. Office style involves restraint, which is the opposite of glamor. Therefore, at the official events and celebrations the glamorous style should be used with caution, preferring the elegance and rigor.
This style is topical for creative people, like artists or individuals connected with show business, journalists, freelancers and other ‘free artists’.
Publicity and shocking are constant companions of the glamorous style of clothing. However, there are some nuances that are important to consider.

Useful tips:
1. It’s necessary not only to follow the fashion but also to create it.
2. Wearing the jeans in the glamor style is still in question.
3. Do not be like the magpie – the gloss should be in moderation.
4. It is better not to combine more than two or three colors. Moreover, if one of prints is multicolored, the rest of the used materials must be monochrome.
5. Glamour is a bright personality. It is important to bear in mind your own tastes and preferences. The image must be ‘your own’.

Any style of clothes is better to choose according to your needs, rather than fashion. It is necessary to give preference to the trend that will allow not only to plunge other people into culture shock, but also to keep everyday comfort.

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