Going to Japan

Going to Japan

When an ordinary person hears the word Japan, he sees a grim picture of an immense amount of exhaust gases, a small territory, a sea of grey skyscrapers and, of course, devastated Fukushima.

Going to Japan

Well, or of the country with the number of robots exceeding that of humans. And very few people know that Japan – is also a country, where there are plenty of things to see and lots of interesting places to visit. Because only in Japan one can see a very conservative and traditional attitude to the culture and clothing, as well as crowds of teenagers being fond of manga. Small and neat villages and ancient trees peacefully coexist with chrome and metal of huge metropolises. Such a mixture of c incredible olors is worth seeing.

Hachiko monument

The symbol of faith and eternal waiting for his friend and master – a dog Hachiko has demonstrated all this, drawing to tears even the most skeptical people in the world. This dog waited for his master at the station for 10 years, not knowing that he had died at work of a heart attack. Today, on the place of his constant watch (at Shibuya Station), there is a monument, which was erected back in 1934 and later rebuilt after bomb attacks of the United States. Next to this monument, lovers and just close people meet and make a wish never to separate. Therefore, one ear of the dog is almost erased. One never should be late to this monument.

“Sky tree”

Or rather, the tree of eternal human desire to move as high as possible. The highest TV tower in the whole world – 634 meters high. The tower was built to replace the old one, which barely withstood the earthquake. There are all kinds of entertainment inside this skyscraper: an amazing planetarium and a large aquarium, plenty of boutiques and even a theater. And the first prize: a large sky deck, which is located 350 meters above the ground. Or even above the sky level. Because you get that incredible feeling: as if it’s enough to wave your hands and fly…


In Japan there are also picturesque landscapes to see. An active volcano Fujiyama – is one of such places. The mountain is almost a nature masterpiece, because of its shape being so regular and elegant. Fujiyama – is the sacred place for the Japanese, which at various times attracted and still attracts lots of tourists, pilgrims and believers.


The entire city, which has now been turned into a museum complex, showcasing the life of the Japanese people in ancient times. Since in the previous centuries Nara was the capital of the country and enjoyed a great influence and power, there are plenty of various interesting Japanese monuments, temples and dwellings. The most attractive fact is that the city is not dead, but, on the contrary, very populated. In residential buildings live up to half a million people.

These are just the main places, but there are still lots of small details that can be understood and accepted only after seeing them. Therefore, keep travelling and never rest on your oars. Because life – is motion!

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