Going to the sunny Abkhazia

Going to the sunny Abkhazia

One of the best places for rest and recovery is Abkhazia with its enchanting landscapes, clean beaches and a unique historical and architectural complex.

Going to the sunny Abkhazia

The obvious advantage of this country is a great climate, formed under the influence of the location of Abkhazia, securely protected by mountain ranges and coastline of the Black Sea. Mild winter, blending smoothly into the spring, and then in the hot summer and a gentle fall allows a vacation in the resorts of Abkhazia throughout the year, and each time discover the beauty of this country again and again.

The best resorts of Abkhazia

The best tourist resorts of Abkhazia are the New Athos and Pitsunda, Sukhumi and Gagra, Gudauta and Avadkhara. These areas are full of an abundance of resorts and private boarding houses, hotels, holiday homes and tourist centers. Most of these institutions include wellness center into the program, based on the use of mineral water, the use of which can cure a whole bunch of various diseases from asthma to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and reproductive system.

Note that almost all resort buildings have been upgraded in accordance with the demands of modern travelers, so you can receive medical treatment which is not worse than in fashionable Vichy or advertised Karlovy Vary.

Attractions of Abkhazia

Abkhazia can provide not only recreational but also chic excursion program. It can be walks in the national parks, rich in its flora and fauna, museums, medieval fortresses, which had seen a lot in their lifetime and unique caves. The first tourists have to visit Lake Riza (the highest mountain spring, characterized by its beauty and majesty), and then marvel at the water of Blue Lake located nearby. Also, you can drop in the Botanical Garden, which is, perhaps, the most luxurious in the entire world.
If we talk about the architectural monuments, they are, without doubt, the Prince of Oldenburg Castle, Seaside Park, which houses unique sculptures, Abaat fortress dating from the Middle Ages.

Rest in Abkhazia

What else can offer a vacation in Abkhazia? Magnificent entertainment program, based not only on the local flavor, but also at more modern entertainment. These include a beach holiday and diving, rafting and horseback riding, paragliding and jet skiing, mountain fishing and wakeboarding, kite surfing and riding a jeep up a steep mountain serpentine.

As you can see, vacation in Abkhazia can be no less diverse and colorful than the rest somewhere abroad. So you can safely go to this small mountainous republic, which will offer you a special charm and beauty.

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