Greek wedding hairstyles: the choice of the goddess

Greek wedding hairstyles: the choice of the goddess

Greek wedding hairstyles is a good combination of deliberate negligence with surprising elegance. In addition, the Greek style is very diverse: it includes a tight styling and flowing loose curls.

Greek wedding hairstyles the choice of the goddess

Decorations for the Greek styling

For wedding hairstyles you can use a variety of accessories that are traditionally considered to be the unchangeable attributes of the Greek style, the list of those include:

1. Flowers – they may be of different diameters and material, white or cream-colored, matching the color of the dress or of a bright color, contrasting beautifully with the dress.
2. The braids of various weaving techniques – both thin in combination with locks, and made out of all the hair. It is important to remember that the more complex and frilly the braid, the better. Plaiting of six and even eight strands is welcomed, to create volume effect braid is not tight weaved and additionally the locks are pulled in eyelets.
3. Bandages perfectly underline originality of the Greek style; they may be fabric, lace or made of strings of pearls or stones.
4. Diadem or tiara will give the image the royalty and femininity.

The most original Greek wedding hairstyles

1. Wedding hairstyle with a bandage. Depending on the wishes the latter can be satin, lace, thin or wide, with a pearl strand or embroidered sequins it depends on the overall image of the bride. In general, such a styling can be done as follows:

– Comb the hair well;
– Make the straight parting;
– To take more than a meter of tape, fold it in half and twist into a bundle;
– Tie the ends of the ribbon to the hoop, putting it on the head;
– Separate small hair curls and swing them around the tape one by one;
– When all the hair is taken under the tape, the tips should be neatly hidden in the middle of styling;
– Fix the styling with hairpins;
– Decorate the edge of the harness with small flowers.

If the bride does not want to close a forehead with a ribbon, it is possible to fix it unnoticeable at the temples, but otherwise the principle of creating styling should not be changed.

2. Free tresses with bouffant is the simplest, but at the same time the most feminine Greek wedding hairstyle, for it:
– All the hair is wounded on curlers or curling iron of the average size;
– Curls on the forehead are backcombed with a thin comb;
– Hair from the forehead is neatly combed back, forming a bouffant, it is necessary to be fixed with bobby pins;
– Bouffant edge can be decorated with small flowers;
– Other curls should be lightly shaken up to create the effect of light negligence inherent in the Greek style;
– If you want you can take the hair away from the temples, pinning them together with studs and leaving several thin strands at face.
Styling, in which tresses are gathered on one side and on the reverse side is left only one or two strands, looks very original.

3. Greek beam – this hairstyle is perfect for a classic style wedding, for it:
– Hair is well combed;
– In front hair is decorated with ribbon, bouffant or curls; the main emphasis is placed on the beam;
– Locks in the beam are loose, volume as low as possible to the neck, and the more complex weave is the better; for example, the beam created from the weave of tight hair spirals looks very impressive.

Greek wedding hairstyles are ideal for a romantic and gentle image of the bride, choosing one of them; she will turn into a real goddess.

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