Green evening dresses

Green evening dresses

Historians claim that green color for women evening garments began to gain popularity with the development of Gothic – around the XIII century. During this era, thanks to the Crusades of the knights, all the color splendor of the Eastern fabrics began to “drain” to Europe; moreover, tournaments in honor of beautiful ladies poetically portrayed not only women themselves, but their clothes as well. From this very time, troubadours began to chant green as the color of love. Medieval tailors never used it for everyday clothes, but only for convivial and festive events. Velvet and brocade garments of shamrock, myrtle and yew shades, embroidered with golden thread, captured more than one ardent admirer.

Green evening dresses for real and imaginary beauties

The famous ladies of the past were portrayed in evening dresses of emerald shades: Catherine Medici, Marie-Antoinette, Catherine II, Marquis de Pompadour and many representatives of nobility.


If we talk about the “photographic” era, then, Jacqueline Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor, Betty Ford and especially Lady Di liked to go out for special events in green.

Fictitious heroines also felt like dressing up in shades of malachite, apple, lettuce and artichoke green. It’s worth recollecting, for example, a muslin ball dress of Scarlett O’Hara or festive taffeta ensemble of famous Angelica.

Tips from trendsetters

Green has a wonderful peculiarity – it matches absolutely everybody, regardless of the face type or the color of eyes, skin and hair. You only need to choose the right shade and texture. Stylists remind of a few simple rules:

– fair-skinned blondes will look better in light or smoky shades – of fresh leaves, wet aloe, sea foam; chestnut heads and dark-skinned brunettes can select from richer and denser shades – grass green, jade, jasper, willow;

– the younger a woman, the flimsier and airier should be the fabric of her green dress: starting from silk, chiffon, organza for very young ladies up to satin, satin-back crepe, velvet and even fine cashmere for their mothers;

– the modern evening fashion doesn’t require choosing a floor-length outfit – it can be either mini or midi as well. They are the perfect option for those who got an attractive tan, which ideally emphasizes the color nuances of any green shade;

– the shades of white, cream, pearl, pink, coral, sand, caramel and plum will add a perfect note to a green festive garment. These can be dress’s details: lace inserts, trail, gores of a skirt, neckline and sleeves finishing. Or accessories – shoes, belt, handbag, shawl, boa or palatine. However, the limited usage of black and juicy red is recommended.

A precious touch

In the Middle Ages, sharp dressers complemented the dresses of such shades only with “marine beryls” – emeralds. Nowadays, everything is much more democratic, but you should keep in mind that green color is so self-sufficient that requires almost no jewelry accessories.

The general rule is: of all the metals, with the cold shades of green match silver, of the stones – diamond, sapphire, blue topaz; with the warm ones – gold, amber, yellow topaz.

You can choose one catchy item of jasper, black agate or ruby. Leather accessories, emphasizing the natural green gamma are highly appropriate.

The recent style trends prove: a green evening dress is a must-have in any woman’s wardrobe!

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