Grey ombre – the fashion hair coloring

Grey ombre – the fashion hair coloring

In an effort to create the perfect image every woman is willing to expose herself to complex and unexpected experiments with color and length of hair, lip shape, eyebrows, etc. Hollywood stars showing an updated appearance almost every 2-3 months, do not give a faint and require constantly ‘keeping abreast’, prompting the girls always follow the fashion trends.

Grey ombre – the fashion hair coloring

The attraction is largely determined by the hairstyle and hair color. Selection of the appropriate option can be difficult, sometimes ladies have to change a few images and colors to pick the correct one. Fortunately, modern stylists have developed many ways to turn curls deprived of the brightness into a luxury fashion hair.

In the fall of 2016 the peak of popularity belongs to shades of gray, the preferred coloring option is ombre, which gives the image elegance and chic.

For the first time this staining technique was carried out by the French barbers and was designated as a ‘shadow’ painting. Custom image with smooth color change will allow the burning brunette to feel like a blonde and vice versa. The result of many hours of stylist’s work is manifested in a sharp or a smooth transition from one color to another from the roots to the tips. The effect is stunning, knowingly ombre so quickly became popular among Hollywood stars.

Masters of the hairdresser art technique call this technique of coloring degrade, cross coloration, double-sided painting.

5 arguments for the ashen ombre

Those who want to add variety to the everyday look, but not ready for a radical change of hair color will appreciate this way of toning. The elegant gray shade is suitable for most women, regardless of age, shape of the face and the natural hair color. To fashionista could definitively confirm the correctness of her decision, stylists present 5 grey ombre indisputable advantages:

1. Dimming / brightening of certain areas of the face will visually adjust the shape of the face, renew profitable and refresh the image.
2. Perfect solution for thin, devoid of volume hair is lightening of the dark curls to light ashy color, the effect will not take long – a visual increase of the volume is guaranteed.
3. Grey ombre is suitable for both owners of straight and curly hair; it looks great on short and long hair, reaching to the waist curls.
4. This option is recognized as the safest coloring for the hair as it excludes chemical reagent contact with the roots the most sensitive part.
5. Ombre is favorable treatment from an economic point of view. If the hair from the roots to the coloring has a natural color, there is no need to visit the beauty salon every 2-3 weeks for coloring of the regrown roots.

5 arguments for the ashen ombre

The key to getting a good result is the attraction to the toning process of the professional colorist who will choose the right shade of gray depending on the physiological parameters. It argued that ashen ombre looks better on the hair, the length of which reaches the middle of the back and more. But the girls with bob and other short hairstyles, who managed to change the image beyond recognition using a metallic hue, cannot agree. In any case, such a painting gives elegance and uniqueness, and its possessor is guaranteed to stand out, because only a bold representative of the fairer sex will agree to turn gray prematurely.

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