Grunge clothing: fashion challenge

Grunge clothing: fashion challenge

People always insisted during the Soviet Union that spiritual values are above the material goods, and the beauty of things is determined by their utility and convenience, and no matter what the “decadent West” thinks about it. As it turned out, the thoughts of the Soviet ideologists almost completely coincide with the slogans of Western representatives of grunge style in clothes.

Grunge clothing fashion challenge

From the history of style

The grunge name came in use in the 80-90ies of XX century as a new trend in American rock music and associated with the name of the leader of the band “Nirvana” Kurt Cobain. Stage costumes of the artists consisted of faded jeans and t-shirts and stretched jerseys. Cobain became a real idol of the generation, and naturally, the clothes, which he used while performing on stage, has also become a role model for fans of the group.

The first collection in grunge style was introduced in 1993 in New York, by a young fashion designer Marc Jacobs, and it was positioned as a romantic version of punks’ fashion. Fashion critics have interpreted it negatively, comparing the presented outfits with the clothes of the inhabitants of one of the poorest black districts of the city, that dressed for travel to a posh locality of Manhattan.

The audience, by contrast, was delighted by the collection, seeing in this style the possibility of protest against the established rules. Jacobs immediately received wide acclaim, and the mods get a wide choice for fantasy and experimentation. Moreover, such stars as Johnny Depp and Kate Moss became the followers of new trends. And they remain loyal to it for this days. Madonna, who has actively used certain elements in her images, also contributed to the popularity of the new style.

The characteristics of grunge

What did new style offer? Its main slogan is “fuck the rules”, so all items of clothing should mean that you don’t care about someone else’s opinions. The main criteria in while choosing such clothing is convenience and the ability to express your inner protest against something.

Today democratic fashion wants to combine the incongruous, therefore the grunge style become relevant again. However, it is different from the style of the 90s and allows you to be in the opposition to the dominance of glitz and glamour. Negligence and carelessness, that grunge style is full of, allow to go beyond the usual life and shock others.

If you compare the style of different times, there are some small but significant differences. For example:

• Today, the clothes should keep its “miserable” appearance, but should be of high quality and made of expensive materials;
• If previously the colors of dark tones were dominated in grunge style, the modern designers add bright colors and trendy prints, for example, the cell;
• Modern grunge use leather, suede, wool and silk in addition to traditional cotton and knit;
• Also patches, bumps, jagged edges and holes were added to modern details, not to mention fading and distressing.

Today the motto of modern fashion – the versatility and eclecticism – is fully used by the adherents of the grunge style. Sloppy, but rich one, it can combine elegant silk blouse with ripped jeans and rough boots in military style. Flowing chiffon skirt combined with a stretched oversized jacket is also one of the options for fashionable attire. Complete the image with the makeup, emphasizing the pale skin and light messy hair.

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