Hair decoration: women’s hairstyle

Hair decoration: women’s hairstyle

There is hardly to find a woman, regardless of the style and length of her hair, who hadn’t decorated her hairstyle with some special decorations. Some of them do it every day, others – on some special occasions, but almost every one of us has headband with a beautiful flower or barrette with crystals or even something more extravagant in the arsenal.

Hair decoration women’s hairstyle

There a lot of jewelry for the hair for special occasions for everyday life, purely decorative that help to fix the hair. Let’s consider all of diversity, maybe it will help you to find something new for yourself and create an exciting image.

Natural or artificial flowers.

Depending on the color and texture, flower in the hair may turn you either in the romantic young lady (if it’s small and pastel color), or in sensuous beauty a la Carmen (if it is large and red). But we must remember, that flowers should be properly processed, so you can use them. For longer period of serving, spray it with hairspray. Pin flower with hairpin or invisible barrette.

Headbands as jewelry for the hair

Lately headbands are becoming increasingly popular. They are decorated with: ribbons, feathers, rhinestones, beads, natural stones, stud, lace, bows, plastic or cloth flowers etc.


This jewelry is used only for a very special occasions (weddings, prom). They are usually a part of a complex high hairstyles.


It’s very special decoration, which can help to make your hairstyle very accurate and flat. It can be picked up in tone to the hair or be the contrasting color.

Hair pins

One of the most practical, comfortable and lovable women’ decorations. There are a lot of their types: “crocodiles”, “crabs”, “beaks”. Choose any flavor! Hairpin veils are very stylish and elegant type of this accessories. You can attach wide lace, organza, feathers or hairnets which partially cover the hair.

Combs for decoration the hair

The combs are made of wood, bone or plastic. They are simply inserted into the hair. The vintage antique combs are some special chic.


It’s very versatile decoration. Ribbon can be woven into the braid, or tied on the contour of the head. They can be made of satin, silk, cotton etc. and their width is depended of the type of hairstyle.

You should choose ribbons, that doesn’t slip from the hair and have a persistent color.

Hairpins or hairgrips

These accessories need to fix the hair – they can be used to fasten particular strands or ribbons. But if they are decorated with rhinestones, artificial flowers, beads, then it’s already a decoration.

Hair inserts

A relatively new type of jewelry, that can in the form of overhead artificial curls, bunches of bright ribbons, fluorescent strands, that is very appropriate for night clubs. Inserts can be different length and attached in various ways around the roots of the hair.

Choosing of these decorations, always consider the color and style of your clothes, time of day, your age, face shape, character and style of life. Do not overdo the rhinestones and large flowers, not to look ridiculous or theatrical. And remember about a sense of proportion.

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