Hand skin care: 7 simple rules

Hand skin care: 7 simple rules

Hands – are a sartorial statement of a person! It’s not enough just to wash them and make a manicure with a nicely chosen nail polish. You must be able to take proper care of your hands, because the hands is that very part of your body, which can tell a lot about you, your habits, your occupation and even age. Hands are constantly exposed to weather conditions and chemicals, as well as lack of vitamins. This makes the skin on hands age faster than a person. In fact, you don’t need much time to take care of your hands. What are the simple rules of hand care?

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If your hands have been in contact with water, be sure to wipe them

It’s preferably to use warm water. After the skin has contacted with water, it’s necessary to use a cosmetic product: cream, lotion, gel.

Hands are fond of health-giving baths

Take one spoon of sea salt and stir thoroughly in one liter of water. This is the easiest option, but you can also make herbal-based baths. You can use chamomile, it has disinfecting and healing effect or take 2 parts of althea and 1 part of plantain, pour it with 300 grams of water and add a teaspoon of honey, let boil for 10 minutes and infuse. Before taking bath, warm up the infusion. Baths, consisting of cottage cheese and sour milk will act as a bleaching product for your hands. To get rid of the skin redness, you should take contrast baths a couple times a day.

Hot milk is a perfect treatment for weather skin

Or take 10 grams of gelatin per 200 grams of water, let it thicken, then add glycerol (100 grams) and honey (about the same amount). Repeat this procedure several times.

You can also use masks

They are very effective for solving the hands’ skin problems. Take a banana, mash it together with a dessert spoon of honey, apply on the hands for an hour, rinse with warm water. Or make mashed potatoes with milk and daub your skin with it, leave for a couple of hours.

When working in the garden or washing the dishes, don’t forget to put on gloves

But put on cotton gloves under the rubber ones in order to prevent sweating.

Use creams every day

If for some reason you don’t trust the ready-made products, you can make a cream on your own. Take water and glycerin, 50 grams each, a few drops of sal-ammoniac and half a lemon. You will get a quality cream for all skin types. You can prepare the following mixture as well. Beat a half cup of sour cream with two egg yolks, then pour juice of a half of lemon and a couple of tablespoons of vodka and a spoonful of brandy.

And of course, to make your hands look good, you should eat fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as take relevant vitamins

Be sure to use hand creams and be careful, when using detergents and cleaning agents.

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