High Ponytail: Fashionable Hairstyle

High Ponytail: Fashionable Hairstyle

Every woman always desires of looking perfect, no matter what she is going to do: go to the nearest shop or visit some social event. Hairstyle is an important element of stylish image so a lady should be sensitive to changing trends that often move from one season to another. The high ponytail enthralled fashionistas around the world in the latter half of the 20th century, and nowadays it isn’t going to lose its advantageous ground. Celebrities choose this hairstyle to create everyday and glamorous images.

High Ponytail: Fashionable Hairstyle

So, many famous people preferred to appear on the red carpet of MTV VMA-2016 wearing not extravagant and complex hair but the usual high ponytail.

High Ponytail: Trendy Hairstyle

Hair trends are a quite subjective thing as not all trends can perfectly match other elements of the image. It is important to care for hairs and refresh the color regularly (if you have preferred a shade from the professional range to your natural color), because if your hair is not groomed and, frankly speaking, resembles straw, even the most elegant hairstyle won’t save the situation. But, at the same time, to demonstrate the hair health and beauty, there is no better way to do it than to scrape hair into a high ponytail.

Today hair trends are more democratic. But, despite this fact, fall 2016 is notable for several bright distinct trends:

• Hairstyle must be simple.
• Creating a fashionable look you should avoid “perfect smoothness” as some “casual” strands can’t spoil your image.
• Some irony and slight negligence are in vogue now.

High Ponytail: Stylish Versions

Despite a widespread and absolutely wrong statement that the high ponytail is boring and hackneyed, stylists are ready to offer many different interesting versions of this hairstyle. When you scrape your hair into a high ponytail, there are no limits on your own creativity. Classics, “just-from-bed” style, evening glamour, elegant femininity… and it is not a full list of versions of high ponytail. With this way of hair setting your face remains maximally open and your look including an appropriate make-up can be really smart.

Classics of Genre

You must prepare for business negotiations or an important interview, but you don’t have time to create an image of a strict business woman or a competent office employee. In this case, smooth hair setting can help you follow the strict dress code. To do the high ponytail you needn’t make much efforts but the result is able to exceed the boldest expectations.

To reach “perfect smoothness” doing the hair setting, it is better to use a special flat iron. Groomed curls are scraped back and tightened with an elastic band. Disorderly strands are pinned. Special hair gel or spray will give the hair a glossy effect.


Fashionable Volume

The stages of doing the backcombing high ponytail hairstyle are similar to the process of doing the ideal smooth hair setting. But there are several essential points because of which the hair can get desired volume.

• Firstly, you should dry your hair without using a comb creating volume near the roots with your fingers.
• Secondly, you should take a thick strand near the forehead, brush it, stroke hair up and pin it.
• Scrape hair into a ponytail right on the back of the head and don’t tighten it with a band too strongly.


The high ponytail hairstyle will perfectly suit for everyday image, glamour look, visiting a club or meeting with friends.

Brigitte Bardot Style

The high ponytail in Brigitte Bardot style can become a true discovery for ladies with thin hair. Such setting will give additional volume to the hair and can be a valuable decoration of the image. To do this simple version of setting you won’t spend much time.

Before drying the hair with a hairdryer, you should evenly apply a special mousse on your hair to create volume. It is necessary to dry the hair with a round brush that can create an effect of lifting hair near the roots. Then it is important to backcomb the hair on the back of the head as carefully as possible and scrape it into a ponytail. All remaining strands are pinned on the sides with slides. To make an aesthetical hairstyle you should hide back combing with smooth strands that you mustn’t pin beforehand.

High Ponytail: Fashionable Hairstyle

To preserve the effect, you should evenly splash the hair with firm fixation spray at the distance of about 40 cm. Here it is very important not to overuse it! You need get an effect of airiness, imponderability but not the hair glued and looking like oil lumps.

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