Holiday in Ceylon. Jaffna

Holiday in Ceylon. Jaffna

The city of Jaffna is the Northern capital of Sri Lanka and is located on the eponymous peninsular. The region is washed by the waters of Indian ocean and is the most dry and hot in Sri Lanka.

Holiday in Ceylon. Jaffna

Even in winter the average temperature is +25 degrees. Tropical rains brought by the monsoons are ranging from October to January, and the rest of the times is dry and hot weather. The virgin nature and magnificent beaches are waiting for their guests, who can enjoy the clean and warm ocean water from February to October.

Jaffna is a city with an ancient history, which people of different faiths lived in. In the old days Jaffna was a capital of the ancient Tamil state. It’s mentioned in the historical poem “Mahavansa”, which was written by monk Mahanama. After the events in the 90 years of the 12th century, Muslims were almost entirely expelled from the city. Now the city is inhabited by Tamils, 85% of which are Hindus. Ethnical wars are still continuing in Jaffna, so, before you visit the city, you need to inquire about the situation in the country and to obtain the permission to enter. Although the situation on the peninsular have been normalized, highways are still blocked by checkpoints, and signs warning about minefields, terrify the visitors.

Jaffna is a city with a rich and distinctive history. The most important historical values of the city include the archipelago Nainativu – this is the place where Buddha first made a step after descending from Adam’s bridge. In addition, tourists in Jaffna are attracted by unique Hindu temple and stupa, that holds the throne of the Buddha. Hospitable people will offer tourists to rent the “wild” bungalow on the ocean coast. It will give an incredible feeling. There are no comfortable hotels in this region, so such bungalows are ideal for visitors. Fans of exotic will have the opportunity to enjoy a “toddy” – the glorious braga made of dark trunk palms, which resembles the brew by its taste. Casurina, the best beach of Ceylon, is situated 15 kilometers from Jaffna. The beach is ideal for families with children as it’s clean and relatively shallow. You can get here by car.

Once, English colonists contributed to the development of Sri Lanka. A considerable number of educational institutions were founded in Jaffna. Now it’s leading in terms of education. The basic occupations of the local population are pearling, processing of agricultural production, making jewelry tobacco farming and weaving mats.

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