Holiday in South Korea

Holiday in South Korea

The country became recently a very popular holiday destination. It deserves it. There are really a lot of things to see. Beautiful nature, groomed gardens, churches and monasteries. Beach and ski resorts. You can improve your health through a variety of sources and thermal waters. There are a lot of attractions, so the vacation will be wonderful.

 Holiday in South Korea

Chejudo island is a perfect place for those, who like beach holidays. It has a mild climate, so you can stay with all your whole family. It’s called the “island of abundance”. As an extinct volcano is situated here, there is an abundance of stones here. It’s the first. The second ones are too strong gusts of wind. And the last one, is that the heroic women of the island are considered to be the head of the family. That’s why they need to earn money to feed their families. These beautiful beaches are not too popular, therefore you needn’t to crowd. And the inhabitants of the country necessarily spend their honeymoon here.

Tourists prefer ski sports, always wait for Muju, Beyers Town. It’s first-class resorts, that are loved by many people. Each track has a beautiful name. Muju is often compared to similar resorts in Austria. You can start a good walk between the seasons, for example, on the highest mountain of Jirisan. It reaches almost 2000 meters. Or you can visit the famous monastery of Haeinsa, where the Buddhist sutras, carved on wooden boards. are preserved. There are tens of thousands of them.

Be sure to visit the thermal resorts. It’s not just wellness treatments but the ability to slide downhill. Any elderly person can turn into a child.

But if you have the desire and the opportunity arises, you can live with monks, to become more wise. To learn to relate to life differently. And who knows, maybe you’ll return home a completely different person.

In addition to excellent resorts you need to participate in excursions. They open South Korea on the other, unknown side. Ancient and modern cultural monuments will charm you with its beauty.

Confucian temples will “tell” their history.

The usual holiday in an unusual South Korea will be remembered for a long time. You will get peace, joy and healing. People are waiting for tourists there. And the desires really come true.

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