Hollywood style wedding

Hollywood style wedding

Themed weddings are becoming increasingly popular in recent years. Of course, demand on the classical wedding remains high, a wedding dress and a bride purchasing ceremony has not been canceled; however, if you want to make one of the most important days in your life cheerful and special, you should pay attention to a few options of celebration according to an uncommon script.


Some people will like the idea of having a mountain wedding, others will prefer the water element. And if you freeze when watching the weddings of celebrities, prefer glamor and luxury, enjoy being in the spotlight and cannot live without photoshoots, dream of taking a walk in the shoes of Catherine Zeta-Jones or Salma Hayek, then you definitely shouldn’t miss the option of celebrating a Hollywood style wedding! It’s quite simple to organize such a wedding, the main thing – is to make a little effort and use a bit of imagination.

Invitations for Hollywood style wedding

You should notify the guests 2-3 weeks prior to the coming event by sending out invitation cards. There can be several design options for them. For example, it’s appropriate to design an invitation as a cinema ticket. Be sure to specify the starting time of the “screening” and probable dress code. Or you can design a card as a small playbill or poster with the movie title, list of the starring actors (the names of the bride and the groom), the place where the screening (the ceremony) will be held, and dress code request.

“Hollywood”-themed ceremony is uncommon for our country; therefore, such invitations are unlikely to be found on sale. Most likely, you will have to make them custom-printed or handmade.

Bridal outfit

If you see yourself in character of Grace Kelly, you should pay attention to the retro style clothes. The characteristic features of these outfits – one-piece lace bodice with a neat banded collar, long sleeves, a bell-shaped skirt, emphasizing a bride’s slim waist, a tail. A perfect headwear will be a tiny juliette cap

If you dream of shining on the red carpet as a modern glamorous diva, a long close-fitting dress with bare shoulders and back will be a perfect option for you. For example, you can consider a “mermaid” style dress. In this case, eye-catching jewelry and decorations of semi-precious and precious stones are welcomed.

Outfit for the groom

It’s a little easier to choose an outfit for the groom. For this event, a sole colored shirt, a jacket, trousers with suspenders, a tie or a bow tie of a dark shade, patent leather shoes with pointed toes, cuff links, and watch will be appropriate. The last three accessories must be the most expensive elements of the wedding image.

Venue of the ceremony

Civil Registry Office – is not the best place for the “Hollywood” wedding. To create an appropriate atmosphere, it’s advisable to book an onsite marriage registration ceremony. The place where the event will take place should be decorated as a shooting stage. As the background music for the newlyweds’ entry on the red carpet, you can choose a soundtrack of a famous movie, corresponding to the event.

The hall where the banquet itself will take place should be divided into two parts. In one of them, where the guests will wait for the newlyweds after the first wedding walk, buffet tables can be placed to cater the invited with cold drinks, snacks and cigars. For the second part of the celebration, you can ask the guests to move to the other hall, where a full-scale banquet with delicious treats will be awaiting them. Forget about loaves and cheap gewgaw decorations on the tables.

To organize the entertaining program, it’s better to invite a professional master of ceremonies and a band performing the English language songs.

The logical conclusion of such a splendid event will be cutting of a tier cake, decorated with the “Oscar” statuette, bright fireworks and a laser show.

You and your guests will surely remember such an unusual and luxurious wedding!

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