Hospitable Hungary: pecularities

Hospitable Hungary: pecularities

Hungary is a country of tourism and resorts. In recent years, Hungary is not as popular in Europe in a tourist destination, as say, France, Italy or Spain. However, it was forgotten completely undeserved: there is mass of interest here.

Hospitable Hungary pecularities

Hungary for tourists is a Central European country with:

• Developed industry, a wide blue Danube and the Tisza, dry, hot summers and cold winter;
• The largest and warmest Lake Balaton, deciduous forests, endless steppes and magically echoed in the mountains;
• Romantic waltzes of Strauss, Kalman music, festivals and carnivals;
• Museums, monuments of architecture, the palace complex and the fortress in the capital;
• Thermal mineral springs, health resort complex, cordiality and hospitality.

1. Budapest. It is included in the system of the European Royal Resort. It offers visitors comfortable hotels, 27 urban complexes – thermal baths. One of the largest baths in Europe is ‘Sechenia”. Thermal waters have karst origin; the chemical composition is hydro carbonate, with the water temperature of 22-76 degrees. Mineralized water of Budapest pool is used for drinking.

2. Bukfurdo is a resort town with an international reputation. Balneotherapy is provided by thermal waters containing calcium, magnesium, hydrogen, fluoride, iron, iodine, carbonic acid. The water temperature is 55 degrees. In spare time you can visit the golf course, which is the largest in the country and Europe.

3. Derbecen. In park Naderde there is therapeutic bathing complex: indoor bathhouse, beaches with swimming pools, a water park. Thermal waters have alkalinity; contain ions of chlorine, iodine, bromine salts. They treat rheumatism, diseases of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems.

4. ‘Mecca of rheumatics’ is town of Hajduszoboszlo. Dermatological, gynecological, musculoskeletal diseases are cured with hot, deep waters. The resort town offers not only a range of medical procedures, but also a wonderful holiday. In summer there are festivals, runs a circus, an amusement park, concert bands come.

5. Heviz is a beautiful thermal lake with wonderful Indian red lilies, warm water even in the winter. Curative water contains radon, sulfur gases, mineral salts. Therapeutic bottom mud perfectly treats rheumatism, disturbances of venous circulation, paralysis, and other diseases of musculoskeletal system.

6. Sarvar: the city has two healing springs in the forest park. Thermal sodium chloride water of one spring cures gynecological diseases, rheumatism, sclerotic effects, and skeletal deformities. Bicarbonate salt is part of the healing waters of another. They are recommended for the treatment of musculoskeletal and respiratory systems.

7. Card of Eger is old bathhouse. The town has a modern medical complex with thermal water, saturated with radon and hydrocarbons. It is recommended for the treatment of rheumatic pathologies, atherosclerosis, infertility, asthma and bronchitis.

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