Hospitable Vietnam

Hospitable Vietnam

Vietnam is an interesting and unique country which is still officially considered as socialist. Those who are impressed by the traditions and lifestyle of Southeast Asia should definitely go there.
Rest on Vietnam resorts will be good for lovers of good beaches, and those who bet on a variety of excursions (both cultural sites, as well as to natural attractions).

Hospitable Vietnam

The obvious advantage of vacation in this country is cheapness. The main item of expenditure, when planning holidays there, is the cost of the flight. If you buy the air tickets with a discount you’ll reduce the expenditures greatly. Since the visa for up to 15 days of rest is not required it will not be difficult to coincide with the dates.

When to go?
Like many resorts in the region, in Vietnam are two main seasons: hot and humid rainy season from April to September and a cool and comfortable period lasting from October to March. The average air temperature and humidity vary depending on the region. The northern Hanoi and Sapa are best to visit in October-November. At this time, it is warm and clear, the rains are rare. The first half of the year is considered to be a good time for visit. Weather in Hoi An and Nha Trang is traditionally better than in other areas of the country, thanks to the mountains that protect the coast from the south-west wind. But the time from November to February is the best for a trip to the southern Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta.

The main resorts
Vung Tau is a resort in100 km from Ho Chi Minh City. It is perfect for a relaxing beach holiday.
Dalat is located in the mountains, at an altitude of about one and a half kilometers above sea level. Unique views of the mountain lakes and beautiful parks, clean air of coniferous forests make it a real Vietnamese resort, donated by nature.

Da Nang, which used to be the center of culture and politics during many years, is perfect for those who have decided to begin acquaintance with Vietnam from exploration of its attractions.
Mekong Delta is a great way to actually see how the Vietnamese live in rural areas.

Halong Bay is located in North Bay. Pure clear water and beautiful views, lots of beaches and natural caves, which is why the bay is considered to be a natural wonder of the world.
Nha Trang is a resort for active recreation fans, loved by divers. Here there are many restaurants serving the freshest seafood.

Sapa is an impressive ancient city where romance fans will be able to spend unforgettable holidays. The mild climate, mountain scenery and clean air. The resort was opened by the French, who are still resting here with pleasure.

Island Phu Quoc is an island in the Gulf of Thailand, a paradise for divers and lovers of tropical beaches.

Hanoi is the modern capital, which, however, has retained traces of an ancient civilization and unique temples, located near the lakes surrounded by greenery.

Hoi An is the largest port in South-East Asia, a monument of world cultural heritage by UNESCO.

Features of the vacation
A nice bonus for Russian tourists is the almost complete absence of a language barrier. Many signs and restaurant menus are duplicated in Russian; the people themselves often speak quite well in the ‘great and mighty’. This is especially noticeable in Nha Trang. In any case, almost everybody in tourist areas here knows English.

The rent cars service which is popular among Russian tourists here can cause some difficulties:
• First, you will have to get a three-month visa, to pass the exam and get the local Vietnamese driving license;
• Secondly, the traffic in the cities is quite irritating, and the local police are not too fond of tourists driving.

In the markets and shops the pickpocketing is frequent, so it is not recommended to carry great sums of money and originals of documents.

Despite some of the precautions that need to comply with the tourists, vacation in Vietnam will remain in the memories as a bright spot of positive emotions and impressions of everyone who has ever visited here.

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