How and what to wear the clothes with bare shoulders with?

How and what to wear the clothes with bare shoulders with?

According to designers, the shoulders are among of the sexiest parts of the female body. Not surprisingly, that at all times, women’s dresses with bare shoulders were popular. The current season is no exception. In 2016, many fashion clothes collections abound with outfits in which the woman’s shoulders are seductively opened to the eyes of others. But how and what to wear things with bare shoulders with to look spectacular, but not vulgar?


It seems that fashion designers really liked the idea of the bare shoulders. They have readily realized it not only in dresses but also tops, blouses, jackets and even blazers. Dresses with bare shoulders, tops with ruffles, cutouts, and deep cleavage can be currently met in fashion collections more often than ever. It seems that the fashion of the 1960s rushed to the podium with new force. The term ‘off-the-shoulder’ has already stuck to this fashionable trend. Such outfits have become recognizable touch in summer 2016 collections.

The style of the 1950s is also actively played out, for example, in the collection of SalvatoreFerragamo. Fashionistas will find here the things with a characteristic stripe, frills, long feminine dresses. The designers offer to combine all these with a low heel. A collection of ProenzaSchouler takes you into the world of flamenco and Mediterranean romance. But DieselBlackGold and LouisVuitton offer to complement the outfits with open shoulders with a short skirt and high heels. However, this is an option for the most daring fashionistas.

As pointed out by the owner of the Milan fashion boutique Rosy Biffi, opening the shoulders, a woman becomes very attractive. But designers can present the highlight of the wardrobe in different ways. This may be the sculptural dress, light blouse with the exquisite rich pattern or a light, playful top. With the help of the dress with bare shoulders, you can easily create an image of the vulnerable, but at the same time self-confident and modern woman.

Women’s shoulders attract looks by the fragility and beauty. If the dress with open shoulders is chosen correctly, you can create a feminine, light and elegant image. This is an excellent and effective way to attract the views of others and to lift them a little bit of your body. Such hints may be much more appropriate than, for example, deep cleavage. Open shoulders will pay part of your image. They combine two advantages – it is not very frank and at the same time quite sexy.


The last season made it possible to fashionable women could bring a piquant flavor in their wardrobe. In the season 2016 bare shoulders remain relevant and sophisticated accent. Many designers’ collections provide a wide selection of dresses with bare shoulders. The leaders among them are ChristopherKane, ProenzaSchouler, DerekLam and others. Strapless dresses have become almost a classic. With their help, a woman can accentuate her shape. The stylish alternative of this season is the shirt, which playfully opens the arms. It looks fresh, stylish and fashionable.

Few tips

How to wear things with bare arms? What to combine them with? Here are some important secrets:

1. If you chose the strapless dress, this does not mean that you can go without underwear. Just choose the strapless model, with smooth cups.
2. It happens so that the straps are required, for example, if you dress for work. In this case, you can take advantage of special tack for clothes. They can be found in stores for needlework.
3. It is better to choose such outfits of light flowing fabrics.
4. If you still chose the dress of a heavy fabric, then under it you’d better wear the special internal corset. Otherwise, the dress of heavy fabric will simply slide off you.
5. Open shoulders are out of place in an office with a strict dress code, in school and at a working meeting.
6. To emphasize the beauty of the shoulders, you can pick up the hair in a high ponytail or a neat bun. With this simple hairstyle, you create an elegant and noble image.
7. Do you like the style of gypsy or hippie? Then, the off-the-shoulder dress can be supplemented with necklaces, bracelets, and earrings in these styles.


Dresses with bare shoulders may be appropriate at any time of the day. The main secret is to combine them correctly with other things and accessories. Consider how to combine these clothes with other clothing.

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