How make anti-aging makeup

How make anti-aging makeup

A great alternative to plastic surgery is well-executed makeup. Arrange the accents properly, and they will help you to become younger by 3-5 years without any effort.

How make anti-aging makeup

Preparatory procedures

In order to make a right make-up you need to prepare a face. The best option here is the lifting mask. You can use bought (it’s better to choose a fabric) and home-made for this recipe, for example.

Mix the egg yolk with a tbsp. of flour to make a thick slurry. Apply it on the clean face for 15 minutes, then rinse with water, without stretching the skin.

After the lifting mask you skin will be lightened and more elastic.

As a basis for anti-aging makeup, you can take a primer. This base will align the texture and cover small wrinkles.


You will need a concealer for anti-aging makeup in most cases. It hides skin imperfections, blemishes and wrinkles. Choose products, that contain reflective particles. Sparkling in the light, they will give freshness to your skin. Prefer the oil-based creams. They need to be applied, moving from center to the periphery.

If you are not used to the thick tone base, use the SS-cream. It’s made to care for skin, rather than hide its cons.

Do you prefer using powder? Then choose a mineral loose powder with light reflecting particles. The more finely ground it is, the better for you. It must be applied very carefully, because it can clog the pores and wrinkles and make them more noticeable.

Lovers of blush need to be mindful of its application. Peach and pale pink tones will suit best for anti-aging makeup.


Balance is the most important here. On the one hand, they should be emphasized on the face. On the other, do it moderately, not vulgar.

You need to learn how to use it. The contour is necessary in order to make lipstick not to spread, but it also must be conditional, not pronounced. Let its color to be slightly darker that the lipstick.

Is it possible to allow bright colors in anti-aging makeup? Yes, if it suits you. But you should exactly avoid a matte lipstick. It will make lips thinner, which is undesirable. And also be cautious with pearlescent shades.


The main rule of anti-aging makeup of eyes – not to overload them. Teenage bright makeup will look ridiculous on the respectable lady. What to do?

Start with the eyebrows. They should be the natural shape and curvature. Finely plucked, or, conversely, overly thick eyebrows will give you a few extra years. Be careful with the tattoo: if you like it, ensure that it looks naturally. Win-win situation is to slightly emphasize eyebrows with dark brown pencil.

When choosing a shade, focus on lighter colors. Dark colors add age. Eyeliner is only on the upper eyelid. Better if it’s made of brown pencil, rather than gray. It looks more natural. Carefully paint mascara the ciliary margin and the space between the eyelashes and that will be enough. It should be also better shades of brown. Or, at least, abandon coal-black tone.

To visually “lift” your eyes and make the look more open, apply shadows under the eyebrows and blend it.

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