How many children are needed for full happiness?

How many children are needed for full happiness?

How many kids you should have? It’s very difficult to answer on it clearly. All depends on the couple, health, welfare, spirituality and ability to give good upbringing and education, to provide at least minimum living conditions.

How many children are needed for full happiness

It’s not so difficult to give birth to a lot of people, but to make them healthy, fully and ready for a successful life is not an easy task. It’s terrible, when a couple gives birth to many children just for social benefits, then just drink for this money and the kids are staying hungry and barefoot. The situation, when children are in a rich family and have all the necessary comforts but lack the attention and education of their parents.

In solving this complex problem, you should consider the following factors:

Finance. Without any doubt, it’s very expensive to have a child. If it’s possible to do without strollers and cribs at first, by putting the baby in parental bed and walking with the sling, and even without the bottles with some amount of breast milk you can do well, but it will be very hard without diapers, especially in a walks in winter. And how much all these care tools and medication cost? And there are less and less healthy children every day. Yes, and the grown-up child requires financial investment: school, college or university. Child maintenance is often more expensive than the adult, because while he is growing, he needs quality food, new bigger clothes and other.

Living conditions. The child can grow in a very cramped conditions, but it’ll be better if he can have his own personal space, where he can relax, think and do his own. What kind of privacy and personal space are we talking about, if there are five or seven people in a studio apartment?

Spirituality. In addition to physical comfort, children need attention and parents’ love. To grow confident and complete person, he needs education and parental involvement. It’s not enough only to feed, clothe and shoe the toddler – you must talk to him, develop, instill the rules of conduct and spiritual values, spend time and delve into his interests, thought and talents.

The most common options
No one. Experienced pairs don’t want to have children not to destroy the long-established way of life, because if you want to play with the children, you can always visit friends, and return to free life after leaving. Some refuses to have children because of poor living conditions, because children need to give all the best.
One. It’s much easier to live with one child. He grows faster while communicating with adults and playing with other children in a kindergarten of when visiting guests. Parents with sick children also stop their attention on one, because he needs all their attention.

Two-three. Such amount of kids allows them to be friends, and to stay together in adulthood.

Four and more – it’s for fans of noisy and happy family with enough household and financial possibilities. It is desirable that mother of big family could have the possibility to do only her household chores, because the more children, the more work and worries.

Only the parents should make the decision about the amount of children in their family. And they must note their own wishes, strength and possibilities.

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