How should girl to dress on a first date?

How should girl to dress on a first date?

First date is an exciting and vibrant event in the life of girl. No matter what anyone said, but that fact, that man loves with his eyes, remains. In the first few minutes of eye contact the young man receives the impression of his potential girl, that almost impossible to change. And even if the young girl is quite cute, the wrong outfit can turn the first date in the last one.

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There is not any “most successful and suitable wardrobe” for the first date. But there are some recommendations, which you can use to “save the face” and make a good impression:

• The choose of outfit depends largely on designated place. If it’s a café, you can wear jeans and loose jumper; long sundress or favorite shorts are the best options for walking around the city; and evening dress is for theatre or restaurant;

• Wear clothes, that are appropriate to your style and which you feel comfortable in. If you are used to walk in loafers and sneakers, thn don’t choose high heel shoes. It’s undesirable to buy new clothes for this occasion. You can’t be completely sure, that the hem of the new dress will not rise to high, and the pants don’t bounce while walking;

• Bet on your femininity. Moto jackets and boyfriend jeans with worn knees should just wait the best times. It’s possible, that your potential boyfriend has the similar stylistic preferences, and such clothing will be useful for future dates. For the first date give preference to dresses that will evoke ease, vulnerability and tenderness. This can be dress with floral prints, long flowing pastel-colored sundress, blouse with laces etc.;

• Don’t go too far. Men, of course, like sexy women, but you shouldn’t confuse this concept with promiscuity. Too short skirt, fishnets, a plunging neckline and cigarette in mouth… Such image of “lovely lady” can frighten and alienate the young man. The image of “nuns” can do the same thing. So try to maintain a balance in your appearance. If you want to emphasize a beautiful chest, choose blouses with a modest neckline and patch pockets. Short, knee-length skirt with high-heeled shoes will help to draw attention to shapely legs.

Regardless of which outfit you choose, to complement image, to emphasize the femininity, attractiveness and sexuality you can use manicure (men like bright solid color), perfume with a light, unobtrusive, subtle citrus or floral aroma, natural makeup and will-groomed hair.

You should start preparing for your first date a few days before it. Carefully think about your image. Even if something went wrong, you can hide every mistake with a sincere smile, glowing eyes and showing a discreet interest to your potential cavalier. Good luck with dating!

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