How should the girls of small stature dress?

How should the girls of small stature dress?

These tips are perfect for those people whose growth is below 5’5”. Also, the principles set out below, will work even when there is a desire simply to visually get a little higher or visually lengthen legs.

How should the girls of small stature dress

Thus, the main recommendations:

General clothing options

1. It is advisable to wear monochromatic outfits. Or sets of clothes with the use of a minimum number of colors. It is better up to three;
2. Clothes should be the exact size. For low women it is especially important. That’s because too tight-fitting dress silhouette will add additional volume. The same effect will be when wearing baggy clothes;
3. The vertical model is extended. For example, it may be a vertical strip. Or some pattern. Horizontal stripes should be avoided;
4. The top and bottom of sets should not be contrasting;
5. Multilayer sets are also not recommended.

The selection of models and styles

1. The dress looks great in case when its length is 2/3 of the growth. And if it is sewn from thick material and has a slim silhouette, the result will be even better;
2. Short dress can also look very impressive. However, it is suitable only to girls under the age of 25 years;
3. It is better to avoid short pants and capris. Ordinary straight cuts are more suitable for short girls;
4. The skirt or trousers with a high waist also visually slim and lengthen the figure;
5. Straight jackets and cardigans create beautiful silhouette. For example, one of the best solutions is to wear cardigan of the same length over the dress;
6. With respect to tops and sweaters, it is better to give preference to V-neck. Especially in the presence of broad shoulders;
7. Long T-shirts and tunics make the legs shorter visually.

The choice of footwear

1. The obvious way to add growth is to wear shoes with heels. Nevertheless, it is important not to overdo it. Too high heels (above 2 inches) will make figure disproportionate;
2. It is undesirable to wear shoes with wedge heels. They are too cumbersome and visually make the proportions square;
3. In the summer it is better to prefer backless shoes. In addition, you should avoid shoes with a strap around the ankle;
4. Shoes should be just below the knee. Or go up to the ankles. It is better to avoid wearing footwear models that end in the middle of the tibia;
5. The classic advice is to wear shoes to match the pants or tights. It is also make you look slimmer.

The right accessories

1. It is necessary to be careful with big and too bright accessories. They can ‘suppress’ the image;
2. To the legs look longer, belt or waistband is picked of the same color as the bottom of the set;
3. If the belt is located below the waist, it should be narrow;
4. Glasses should be of a small size and preferably rectangular in shape;
5. Among the bags it is better to give preference to small-sized models.

Many people want to look taller and slimmer. It is relatively easy to achieve if you follow the above principles. However, it should be remembered that all recommendations should be tried for you and do not blindly follow written tips.

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