How to assemble a first aid kit on vacation?

How to assemble a first aid kit on vacation?

Clothes and shoes packed, passport put in bag. Stocked with sun cream and mosquito repellent sprays. What else, besides money and tickets, should you take on vacation? Right, it’s a first aid kit, because without a magic box with a red cross, your trip will turn into a real nightmare with fever, otitis media, insomnia and incessant diarrhea.


First aid

Active tourists, who are going to visit all the local attractions and museums, will need plasters. The common plaster is pasted on a red skin, and an antibacterial one – is for bursted blisters.

Plasters contain aggressive substances, which corrode and irritate the wound.

Bactericidal variant protects from germs, infections, and soothes discomfort.

In the traveler’s kit, there should be a bottle of antiseptic:

• Peroxide;
• Chlorhexidine;
• Miramistin;

It’s used to treat grazed knees, cuts and broken blisters. It’s recommended to buy antiseptic in a small plastic bottle, which is easier and more convenient. After the disinfection of the wound it should be cauterized with iodine, and treated with antibacterial ointments that speed up the healing. There should be at least one tube of any of these drugs in your pharmacy:

• Rescuer;
• Panthenol;
• Levomekol.

Ointments disinfect, clean itching after insect bites, and help with solar and thermal burns. Tourists, who are planning to sunbathe on the beach all day long, should take panthenol spray. It’s more pleasant to apply a liquid drug on a reddened skin, that is impossible to touch.

There should be also one package of cotton pads put in the kit. It will help for treating cuts and wounds. Sterile and elastic bandages are also needed. If tourists are planning to walk a lot, they will need Lioton or Gehwol. Gel will relieve heaviness in the legs and soothe tired muscles.


Travelers, who are going to spend a vacation in an exotic country, should also grab a bottle of pills from allergies. New flowers, fruits or food can cause a rash, runny nose and other unpleasant symptoms.

Antihistamine will be useful for cottages and barbecues, because mosquito bites, although not lethal, but can spoil the mood and sleep.

What drugs to put in your first aid kit? Suprastin is fast, compatible with other drugs, but causes drowsiness. Zyrtec can be combined even with alcohol. This antihistamine is suitable for adults and children. You can put Tavegil or Claritin.


It is desirable to have in the kit a vial of liquid antihistamine and a disposable syringe. If a person suddenly starts choking, the medium is poured under the tongue. The drug is rapidly absorbed into the blood and facilitates the patient’s state of health. One ampoule of antihistamines is able to save the life of a stranger or family member.

Digestive problems

People allow themselves to relax on a vacation. Try cocktails and exotic fruits, buying fast food from street vendors and then spend a few days in the toilet. Overeat and then suffer from heartburn and indigestion.

If you don’t want to your leave spoiled by diarrhea, you need to put in first aid kit such sorbents:

• Enterosgel;
• Polysorb;
• Activated carbon;
• Smectite.

They clean the intestines from toxins, removes nausea and bloating. Save from poisoning with water or food. But these drugs will not help, if the person has infection or stomach flu. Sorbents cannot be combined with other drugs. Severe diarrhea should be stopped not with activated charcoal, but with Imodium. The tool only removes the symptoms but not cure the cause of the disorder.

Tourists, who love delicious food and drinks, should put Mezim in a first aid kit. Two tablets of the preparation before the meal to improve digestion and facilitate the work of the pancreas.

Pancreatin is the cheaper counterpart. The drug is taken in case of poisoning, to start stomach and intestines.

Holenzim should be bought with Mezim. Drink after a meal to remove the feeling of heaviness. The drug stimulates the production of bile, so food is digested faster.

If an adult or child has eaten a poor-quality meal or drink “bad” water, it is advised to give him Nifuroxazide or Antinal. Antimicrobial drug works in the gut by destroying the bacteria that caused the poisoning. Instead, use Baktisubtil or Norbaktin.

Some travelers, due to stress and unfamiliar food, have problems with constipation. Delicate problem is eliminated with Betalaktam, plant-based medicine, or Hottelecom. Tablets of Senna also help.


Headache or toothache can appear suddenly, so the traveler kit should include:

• Ketanov;
• Aspirin;
• Baralgin;
• Pentalgin.

It is easy to chill the muscles in a train or air-conditioned room. Inflammation and pain in the neck or back can be removed with the drug Nimesil. It comes in powder form that dissolves in water.

Helps with cramps, fever and cools inflammation. Budget analogue of the drug – Emulex. Don’t abuse it, because it impairs the stomach.

Naspanum is suggested while there are pains in the intestine. It relieves pain and removes discomfort. If stomach aches, it’s advised to take Maalox.

Do not have to buy all the painkillers. Enough to take the No-Spa, Aspirin and Ketanov. They help with a fever, a toothache, migraines and spasms.

Tourists, who plan to spend time actively, should also put gel Diclofenac on their first aid kit. The product is used for sprains and bruises, rubbed into sore muscles. Diclofenac kills pain and return mobility to joints.

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