How to Attract Money According to Feng Shui

How to Attract Money According to Feng Shui

Hardly anybody would deny high importance of money. Of course, not only money makes a person happier, but without it our opportunities are so reduced that it remains to dream of happiness.


According to Feng Shui doctrine, money is a special kind of energy which can exist only in harmonious space. The energy of money is more willing to come to clean home that is not filled with useless things. So those who intend to attract money, first of all, must get rid of what can be called “an energy rubbish”, such as worn-out clothes, cracked dishes, old magazines and interior design items that carry out only two doubtful functions: they occupy space and gather dust. Throw away all old things out of the house, tidy up rooms and keep them clean all the time. Only then you can invite the cash energy to clean space.

Cash symbolic can also help with it. Among Feng Shui symbols there are items promoting growth in owner’s prosperity. For instance, the figurine of Hotei (the god of prosperity and joviality) that is also well-known as “Laughing Buddha” has such ability. However, the prototype of this pretty character from Japanese and Chinese mythology is not Buddha but a monk named Qieci who liked roaming overcrowded markets when he predicted the weather and earned money on it. He had cheerful nature and big stomach that was considered to be a space of energy qie concentration.

The most popular Feng Shui symbol with “cash meaning” is a frog with three paws and a coin (or three coins) in its mouth. The frog should be placed in the living-room in such a way that its glance should be focused not on the door, but on the space inside the room. It’s not important what the size and colour it is and whether it resembles a real frog. The main thing is that the figurine must stimulate your positive emotions. It also affects hard-working people who got accustomed to achieve success working hard.

Also an aquarium can serve as a conductor of energy of money if you keep goldfish there. This beautiful and unusual accessory is not easy to care for and because of that it doesn’t suit all people.

Lovers of indoor plants should place the crassula in a room. If cared properly this plant will attract wealth so it isn’t called “a money tree” in vain. Feng Shui masters recommend to grow your own money tree from a little sprout and while it develops you should encompass the plant with love and attention providing it appropriate care. It’ll be more effective than to buy a fully-grown tree.

So why does Feng Shui money symbolic work? This has a simple explanation. Such symbols embody the energy of money. When they catch our eyes, they remind us of money, however, not of lack of money but of that you already possess it. This causes a very good spirit. These symbols should be kept in harmonious environment and they themselves must be clean and well-groomed.

You should think of money exactly in such a way: money goes to me. The thoughts about coming money must be more essential than dreams of carrier, slim figure, marriage or a new coat.

Otherwise your psychic energy will focus on other, more pressing problems that should be solved. The things you think about materialize. And if you really want money to go to you, you need make it the main (and the one and only ideally) desire.

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