How to be happy: advice

How to be happy: advice

The great writer and philosopher L.N. Tolstoy once said: “To be happy, you should strive for this happiness all the time and realize it as well. It depends not on the circumstances, but only on you”. Not everyone will agree with this statement, as we used to think that happiness – is a special state that doesn’t depend on the applied efforts. But psychologists, philosophers and just successful people give other kinds of advice on how to become happy – they keep on repeating that every person can create a happy life. Let’s try to make the first steps towards this goal.

How to be happy: advice

Wake up in good mood

For someone, it may seem impossible to wake up in the morning in cheerful mind, for there’s a great wish to sleep for at least ten minutes more; however, it is possible. Make some exercises – they will speed blood circulation and set endorphins free. After the happiness hormones have been released, you will have positive attitude towards the forthcoming day. After exercising, take a shower. Don’t switch on TV, as bad news may upset you; it’s better to listen to your favorite music. Don’t rush to check your email box and visit Facebook or Instagram immediately after waking up, leave it until later.

Have your breakfast – it will give you lots of energy, but usually we are reluctant to exchange the last minutes of the morning dream for a worthy breakfast. Nutritious and healthy food will make you feel more energetic; moreover, everyone knows that you are happy, when your stomach is happy. Refuse your dinner, but treat yourself to a cup of aromatic coffee with a dessert in the morning. Also you shouldn’t eat your breakfast on the run.

How to be happy: advice

Have you heard a story about the Devil’s main assistant? Not yet? Then, I’ll tell you… The Devil decided to ruin the whole world. And he summoned his helping demons. The first to appear was Anger. He said that he would make all the people quarrel with each other and they would destroy each other. Then, came Lust. She said that she would turn people into animals with trashy feelings and they would die out on their own. She was followed by Greed, who said that she would ruin the mankind by imparting unrestrained wishes to people. The others to offer their services were Gluttony, Idleness, Alcoholism, Envy and so on. But the Devil wasn’t satisfied with their offers. And at that moment appeared the last demon. And so he said. I will convince people to love the God, to be kind and brave, and to lead a saintly life. The Devil was terrified by these words. But his assistant went on: “But I will tell them that they shouldn’t hurry and will advise them to wait for favorable conditions for these intentions…” He was the one chosen by the Devil. And do you know this assistant’s name? DELAY. You can go on reading our posts, becoming inspired by someone else’s achievements and hope that one day your life will improve as well. Or you can change your life right now!

In the evening get ready for the morning; if you spend all the morning looking for the keys, valet, phone or business notes before going to work, it will definitely spoil your mood for the whole day. By the way, clean your room in the evening – it’s a great pleasure to wake up in a tidy room. Don’t forget to put a bunch of fresh flowers on the bedside table. And by the way, in autumn and winter you shouldn’t close the curtains for the night – at this very time of the year people feel extremely happy, when seeing sunbeams in the room, especially on the morning.

Allow yourself to be beautiful

Only two percent of women in the world meet the beauty standards, advocated by modern mass media. Despite this fact, they keep on showing these restricted ideals to us. The truth they say is as follows: most representatives of the fair sex are not beautiful, but 98 percent of women cannot become unhappy only due to this reason.

Allow yourself to be beautiful

Therefore, look at your reflection in a mirror and concentrate on your individuality: you are unique, there are no another you in the whole world. Smile to yourself. Allow yourself to be beautiful and follow these small pieces of advice on how to become happy:

  • Try to control your posture. Walk and stand straight, keep your head a bit up, don’t slouch, don’t forget about a light smile on your face. This is the only way happy women can look like!
  • Your weight and age parameters are not important. You are a bright personality; therefore you should appreciate even your imperfections.
  • Change your make up style. The right make up is extremely important for a woman, and this renewed image will highlight your strongest sides.
  • Be the very personation of self-confidence. For many women, the road to happiness is their ability to demonstrate to this world the awareness of their own attractiveness. Love the beautiful and unique woman in yourself and your own personality and don’t be afraid to demonstrate it.
  • Dress up, otherwise your days will seem extremely dull. Wear beautiful clothes at all times and in all places. Emphasize your image, create your personal style.
  • At the same time, you shouldn’t do your best to look perfect. Don’t do too far with the outfit and make up, don’t exhaust yourself with constant exercises, and of course don’t spend money on plastic surgery. You will feel tired and exhausted, which will make you feel unhappy.

Never envy – you shouldn’t compare yourself with other people. Be happy with the things that the nature has given to you, appreciate them and only then you will definitely receive more. Your friends’ and colleagues’ victories should only inspire, but not upset you. Your constant striving never and by no means to fall behind others is the main hindrance on the way to your happiness.

Be happy every second

Build a small happiness mosaic and keep on doing it on a daily basis: a sunbeam that has suddenly peeked through clouds, which covered the sky all day long; a stranger’s smile and the favorite song that you’ve unexpectedly heard – all these seem to be trifles. However, these very little trifles easily build the sense of constant harmony with the whole world and (what’s the most important!) with yourself.

To be able to enjoy life in every situation and to meet a new day smiling – is a fine art that you can learn. When you are smiling, your brain starts working as if you are already fully happy. Not only psychologists, but physiologists as well notice this fact: they call a smile “the button for mood changing”. A smile and laughter possess the ability to relieve muscle tension and thanks to it stimulate functions of the brain segments, which are responsible for positive thinking and good mood.

Moreover, people sometimes can be happy, if they are involved in the constant “stream”, meaning that their brain is completely immersed in any kind of activity that is of crucial important for them – a kind of exam for your resilience abilities. By the way, according to the researches’ results, watching TV channels has the lowest position in “happiness ranking”.

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