How to beautifully gift the money for the wedding

How to beautifully gift the money for the wedding

If two loving hearts decided to join, so there will be a holiday for the family, relatives and friends soon! You want to make newlyweds a wonderful surprise – a cash gift, that will help them to make their dreams come true. But how to present a cash gift for a wedding, without confusing a couple the youth and not causing the indignation of the guests.

How to beautifully gift the money for the wedding

Folk tradition of cash wedding gifts

Every nation has its own wedding celebration features, that you can take note about. There are some ceremonies with the coins in much of them.

The Japanese give the young money fans, that were made with each guest’s money. The Poles think, that money is the best gift. The groom removes a veil from the the head of the bride. And while this process guests surround the newlyweds and throw banknotes in front of them.

There were no weddings in Rus without cash gifts. There are a lot of traditions about it: wife redemption, train sprinkling, shoes stealing aimed to make guests more generous. Collected funds without any doubt are necessary for newly formed family for a successful start of together life.

Monetary gift with your own hands

There is nothing sweeter, than a gift made personally, especially if it’s from real bills. You will spend quite a bit of time and consumables, but the end result will exceed all the expectations – the unique gift will be the highlight of the festival.

Products made of bills will delight everyone. Give an imperial crown to the groom – it’s the symbol of supremacy, because he will now have to make important decisions, to become a wise leader.

To remind who is the boss, its’s enough to wear this hat.

Flowers for the most charming, elegant girl of the celebration – for the bride – will be a pleasant surprise, an exclusive accessory to a wedding dress. The recipe is simple – you need to fold the money in a half for a calyx of the flower, tie the lower part of the ribbon, then attach a stem, or take it natural flowers and wrap it with banknotes. This bouquet looks great, it will please its owner and will definitely have some benefit.

The original cash gift for the wedding

A banal presentation of money in the envelope is out of fashion nowadays. Only the interesting presentation will be relevant, vivid and unforgettable. You need to demonstrate and imagination and to add a little artistry.

A chess board is also a good gift. There can be stacks of coins instead of figures. The couple will be able to use if for finding out who is smarter or who should cook dinner today.

The umbrella of rubles also looks great, it can set the weather at home, and hide family from the rain of financial difficulties.

Wedding is one of the most memorable events in our life. Do your part in fun, by making a bright, original uplifting gift with your hands.

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