How to behave at the theater?

How to behave at the theater?

The first thing to do before going to the theater it’s to choose your outfit correctly; it should be refined and elegant, but not too flashy. Ideal option is a suit for men (tuxedo or suit for prime), dress for women. Come to the theater in skimpy or everyday clothes is indecent. Jeans and T-shirt for the theater are even taboo.

How to behave at the theater

If you go to the theater in the winter, it is better to take a couple of spare shoes: boots or shoes. First of all, in such a way the shoes will be better combined with the dress, and secondly, you will not leave behind a trail of mud droplets (if you have not driven from the doors of the house to the door of the theater in a taxi).

As you know, the beginning of the theater is a locker room. The heavy winter clothes should be given with slightly tucked flaps to the wardrobe, to not make cloakroom attendant drag the coat or fur coat over a curbstone. Hats also need to be kept in the cloakroom (the ladies are allowed to leave the small cap), so as not to obstruct the stage to the sitting behind. For the same reason it is not recommended to make tall and lush hair for the going to the theater.

Be late to the theater is not permissible! If you arrive after the third call, you will simply not be allowed into the hall, despite your pre-purchased tickets. You need to come in about half an hour or twenty minutes before the performance. This time will be enough to undress, to fix, if necessary, make-up or hair, buy a program and slowly take your place. If you still were late, but the third ring hadn’t been there yet, then you need take your place as quickly as possible. Passing on a raw, you need to do it facing the already seated people, nodding your head in greeting and apologies for the inconvenience. The man accompanying the lady always comes first in the hall to show her the seats. If you have sits on the edge of the raw, do not rush to sit down, wait for the audience goes to the middle.

Before the beginning of the play it is necessary to switch off the mobile phone. Taking pictures is also not allowed, but some viewers still make a couple of photos for a good memory. While taking photos it is necessary to turn off the flash, otherwise it is possible to disturb not only the audience, but also the actors: the flash can blind them and shoot down from the role.

Talking during a performance, even in a whisper is very indecent. You do not need to greet friends loudly, if you or they were late. All thoughts, feelings about performance should be expressed in the intermission. If suddenly you do not like a performance, it would be improper to leave in the middle of it. It is necessary to wait for the intermission and only then leave the theater. But if suddenly you feel bad, then having apologized to the neighbors, you can get away without waiting for the intermission.

During the intermission, when a man came along with his companion, he should accompany her. In extreme cases, she can be left alone not for a long time, but man should apologize before leave. Typically, during the intermission people visit the buffet, or stroll through the foyer, looking at artists photos hanging there. In the buffet, if there has formed a long line, you do not need to push other people, and making the order, don’t delay the rest, as the intermission is short, and everyone want to catch the buffet.

You do not need to express your admiration for the artists during the performance. Applause, shouts of support can unsettle them, besides, distract the other spectators. After the performance, when artists come to bow, you can give a bouquet of flowers to the actor who you liked. Throwing the bouquet at actor’s feet, or climbing on stage is considered to be a bad taste. The best thing would be to pass the flowers right into the hands, having come to the stage, or to pass through the theater workers, previously having put a business card or a card with wishes into the bouquet.

If the audience liked the play of the actors, they can call them on stage several times, but it should be not more than three times in order the tired actors could go and rest. Leaving the hall when the actors are on stage means to show disrespect to them. The highest degree of admiration is the cries of ‘Bravo!’ When the audience left the hall, it is necessary to proceed to the cloakroom, not pushing others, and quietly wait for your turn.

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