How to choose a babysitter for infants?

How to choose a babysitter for infants?

Unfortunately, the modern pace of life often doesn’t let working women enjoy maternity leave in full, without prejudice to future career. That’s why they have to go to work when the child a few weeks old, at best case – few months. As a result, parents face a very difficult question, whom to leave the baby with while they are at work. The most simple and accessible to everyone option is hiring a nanny. For infants it is necessary to choose very carefully, because the baby is very fragile and needs care every minute!

How to choose a babysitter for infants

Features of choice babysitter for infants

Ideally choosing personnel is best to trust to a good agency; they test the candidates and can provide recommendations from previous employers. However, you can find a nominee among friends and acquaintances, already faced with this problem. When choosing a babysitter for infants you need to pay attention to the following criteria:

– The age of the perfect nanny should be between 35 and 45 years; these women are old enough and experienced, mostly they already have their school-age children, which gives hope for their ability to simultaneously handle a newborn and not be distracted by their descendants because of the different age groups;

– It is desirable to choose the candidates with secondary or higher medical education, because during the infancy of the child a lot of issues raises that need careful monitoring, and sometimes even treatment; here diaper rash, and the closure of the fontanelles, and the growth of the bone / muscle and intestinal cramps, and more;

– Ideally, if the candidates have previously worked in the hospital or as health nurse, has a personal hands-on experience with babies;

– It is necessary to pay attention not only to professional, but also to the personal qualities of the candidates; pipsqueak requires regular feeding, nursing and changing diapers and banal human warmth, caring, a good attitude and embrace; of course, the bulk of love will give his mother, but hired nurse should also treat baby with a certain tenderness;

– When applying for a job you need to carefully discuss all the nuances of relationships, determine the size and frequency of the payment, obligations of the nurse; possible, except child care, worker will maintain the cleanliness of the room and the things of the child, will cook food for a baby, go for a walk with child, go shopping or even live in the same house; also a schedule plays a big role, especially if you plan to move the family out of town for the summer;

– It is important to clarify the opinion of female candidates on the relationship with the child, so the baby from childhood would know that he or she has a mother and nurse; the first will always be in his or her life, and the second is a woman coming to help his or her parents, she in any case should not be more important than family.

Babysitter for infants must perform complex procedures every minute caring of baby, observing the feeding regime, bathing, changing diapers, skin care and other hygienic procedures. At the same time we should not forget about the psychological and emotional component of the development of the baby, choosing a person with a good heart and an innate love for children!

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