How to choose a bead made of natural stones

How to choose a bead made of natural stones

Beads are the most well-known women’s jewelry. In ancient times they were created from shells, animal bones, and dried berries. Now both natural and artificial stones are used for them. Still, more preference is given to the first ones because nothing can replace natural beauty. Beads from natural stones are universal decoration. Having chosen the color, size and number of stones correctly you can originally complement any image!

How to choose a bead made of natural stones

The choice of beads made of natural stones by the color

Each color brings its energy, has a different effect on the body and a person’s mood:

– Red stones (coral, ruby, garnet, etc.) give strength, courage and energy; carry the optimism and the desire to act, to help bring people out of depression;
– Pink stones (tourmaline, rhodonite, halite, kunzite, etc.) help to find love;
– White stones (pearl, moonstone, opal, etc.) contribute to the spiritual growth of a person;
– Orange stones (amber, goldstone, carnelian, etc.) help to unlock the creative potential;
– Brown stones (tiger’s eye, bronze, axinite etc.) develop thinking and help attain peace of mind;
– Green stones (malachite, jade, aventurine, etc.) contribute to the healing of trauma and the attainment of friendship;
– Blue stones (turquoise, apatite, lapis lazuli et al.) develop intuition and communication skills;
– Black stones (onyx, agate, obsidian, etc.) help to find the courage, resilience and self-confidence.

Choosing stones by the zodiac

Many believe in horoscopes and prefer to choose beads made of natural stones in view of their zodiac.

It is believed that agate, cat’s eye, lapis lazuli, amber, pearls and ruby fit a strong and confident Aries. Taurus, purposeful and persistent in achievement of their goals, should choose aventurine, turquoise, bull’s eye, onyx, quartz and garnet. Positive and sociable Gemini will like malachite, obsidian, coral, pearls, topaz and amethyst.

People born under the sign of Cancer, are creative and dreamy, the moonstone, carnelian, crystal, serpentine, aventurine and hematite will be appropriate for them. Passionate, powerful by nature

Leos will like jasper, tiger and cat’s eye, hematite, garnet, onyx. Calm and creative Virgos will appreciate jade, moonstone, pearl, tourmaline, aventurine and coral.

Friendly and careful Libras like zircon, onyx, ruby, malachite, crystal and pearls. Scorpions are stubborn and self-confident people, amber, hematite, amethyst, quartz, cat’s eye or agate may become a great talisman for them. Strong by character and independent Sagittarius should choose lapis lazuli, zircon, cat’s eye, obsidian, onyx and quartz.

For confident, calm Capricorn such stones like amber, carnelian, malachite, obsidian, pearl and opal will definitely fit. Romantic and shy Aquarians will like crystal, onyx, zircon, mother-of-pearl and pearl. Cool and calm Pisces is recommended to get jasper, agate, rhodonite, amber, jade and coral.

The choice of stones by healing properties

The wisdom about the healing properties of natural stones in the necklace is very widespread. It is believed that agate can help with cardiovascular disease, sore throat, toothache, inflammation of the lungs and nervous disorders. Aquamarine is struggling with impaired liver function, kidney, thyroid, and amethyst helps with insomnia. Turquoise enhances immunity and crystal helps with liver diseases. Garnet has a positive effect on the respiratory and circulatory system, and facilitates childbirth of pregnant women.

People believe that the quartz helps in getting rid of drug and alcohol addiction, and pearls treat sepsis, epilepsy and inflammatory processes. Many argue that the coral beads should be worn by those who suffer from headaches. Moonstone helps with spine ailments. Malachite improves hair growth and lapis lazuli restores sight. Jasper can help in many women’s diseases, and carnelian helps with impotence.

The choice of beads according to appearance

To beads made of natural stones would look impressive and harmoniously, it is necessary to choose them right according to the external qualities. You can do this by following these tips:

1. Light-skinned girls should choose stones of white, black or red color. Stones in pastel colors such as pale pink, pale lilac will be suitable for darkies.
2. Beads of the most optimal length – 40-50 cm – should be worn on the body, not on the clothes; they are perfectly combined with many articles of clothing of different styles. The average length of beads is 50-70 cm; it is suitable for everyday wear and for special occasions. 70-90 cm is the length of beads for evening outing, which are worn over clothing; they go well with long dresses.
3. Short necklace with natural stones looks better on thin and long neck.
4. Beads of any shape, especially with large stones, fit the girls of average weight and growth. Lush ladies better to choose jewelry with long weaves.

You can not believe in the healing and magical properties of natural stone, but we have to accept the fact that their mesmerizing beauty attracts the eye, making any image stylish and elegant!

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