How to choose a clothes steamer?

How to choose a clothes steamer?

In the 21st century, when the pace of technology development is through the roof, the usual devices are not just improved, but sometimes completely replaced. So, we can say about an iron. Clearly, it will never disappear, but with the big share of probability it will be replaced by the steamer, especially among those, who will figure out, what it is and what benefits it has. This will be discussed further.

How to choose a clothes steamer

Why steamer is a great instrument of the 21st century?

Steamer – is an instrument that, despite the relatively long existence, still not too common. However, it has a list of advantages that can help make the choice for the consumers in its favor, even without reading deficiencies.

It solves a lot of problems with tissues, that are easily damaged and generally greatly simplifies the process of Ironing. It’s almost impossible to spoil even the most delicate item of clothing with steam, therefore, having this item of equipment, you can not to worry about the appearance of all things. In the process of ironing you have to move the fabric many times on the ironing board, to get to all the edges, and that can crash something, that is already ironed. In the case of steamers, it is sufficient to hang clothing items and to use the pad. They will be ironed and left hanging in the most suitable condition as long as not being useful.

Steamer can be taken on the road. Yes, there are special models of travel irons, but here, pay attention again to the previous paragraph. Looking for the ironing board in the form of a rough sofa or glass table is not too comfortable. It’s much easier to hang a shirt or dress several times and to hold the pad on the surface.

Steamer is also a great tool for cleaning and removing germs. So, it can be used not only for clothing but also for home furnishings, soft toys and many other things. Hot steam is able to destroy almost all existing bacteria.

Plus, it cleans spots. Of course, it can’t replace the washing machine, but it’ll help to clean not to dense cloth. Considering all these extra features, the steam becomes quite a versatile device, which can be useful in most situations both at home and on the road.

Will the steam replace the iron?

There is probably a negative response to this question. First and foremost, a matter of habit. Perhaps, this will only happen with the change of generation. It’s difficult to believe, that housewives, learned to iron at an early age, would replace the conventional iron on something newer, even acquainted with all the advantages. Plus, there are some things, that can be ironed with the steamer.


For example, it’s much easier to make straight arrow on men’s trousers with the iron, not with the steamer. On the other hand, it is only a matter of time and interest of producers. If they will find solutions to individual shortcomings of the steamer, and stop trying to turn iron from a legacy device of the household into something modern and more convenient – it is possible that within a few years, the situation will actually change.

What kinds of steamers are there?

There are two types:

• Handheld steamers;
• Floor models.

By the way, this is another plus while choosing. There is nothing to get confused in, it’s easier to make a choice.

The appearance and the size of the first one is a lot like an electrical kettle. It is the same vertical shape, has a nozzle for the steam and a handle for a comfortable hold. The main area of the device is for heating element and the liquid vessel. It should be noted that in particularly difficult situations, this tool is perfect for boiling water, but don’t abuse the option. Someone even found it to be an analog of the inhaler, but it is quite complex and dangerous tool, and it is better not to use it this way.

An important caveat while working with a hand steamer is that it cannot be used in a horizontal position. This is because the water in the tank will pour and it’ll lead to burning or spoiling the clothes.

Often, handheld steamers are used at home, if you have not so many clothes, or it is convenient in the road, where you need convenience and speed.

Floor steamers are more common in clothing stores, in the production or events, where there is a corresponding need to iron a lot of clothes.

Of course, you can use them at home. But the proposed capacity doesn’t always commensurate with the need. This may be appropriate in large families.

These models have, by and large, three main components – the container, the stand and the iron. The first contains all the electronics, heater and water. The stand is used to supply steam and, in most cases, to conveniently hang clothes and the iron is directly for ironing.


In fact, handheld and floor steamers only differ in a certain degree of comfort, power and amount of steam, that can be produced from the same “batch” of water. Otherwise, there isn’t difference between the models. Well, of course, don’t forget about the weight. If the handheld models should not burden the already full suitcases, floor steamers can weigh several pounds, not including water.

The caveat, mentioned in relation to the hand steamer, is absolutely not important, when it comes to floor devices. They can be used in any position, due to the fact that the iron gets full-ready steam, and the liquid, thus, does not pour. And here we should note, that in this case, the universality (and possibly to iron clothes, and clean the furniture) is more applicable to high-grade models.

Next, we should consider the factors basing on which, you need to make a choice in favor of certain models, and certain things that deserve attention.

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