How to choose a color for the bedroom decoration?

How to choose a color for the bedroom decoration?

A special place in the finishing of the apartment or cottage should be paid to the bedroom, because this is the area of personal and individual space, where there is no place for outsiders. Therefore, more time and attention should be given to the décor of this room.

How to choose a color for the bedroom decoration

As is known, the color of the room affects human psychological component. Especially since most of the time a person spends in his room, meaning the bedroom, so the color selection plays the most important role.

Today in interior decoration, there are many different factors that ensure a comfortable human stay. First of all, the color should be in harmony with the human psycho, because not everyone will be able to sustain the black room, and someone on the contrary believes that this color is soothing. By the way, it is also should be noted that the choice of colors and interior shades is a purely individual thing, so do not follow fashion trends.

To date, a number of studies, which showed how and under what conditions a person reacts to a color gamut of the room, were held.

Thus, different shades and colors of space directly affect the human heart. For example, in a room of red tones, it becomes more frequent, and in the room where the blue shades are predominant, it slows down, yellow, and on the contrary normalizes the heartbeat.

With the help of such researches the sociologists found out what shade most affects the person, which creates the impression of a holiday, and what shade can make you be despondent. Thus, the selection of colors for the interior has now become the main topic of many scientific works of sociologists, psychologists, and of course designers.

As noted above, a person reacts strongly to red; it is primarily caused by the fact that the red color is a symbol of the fire, which is associated with aggression, and excessive activity. Many designers say that you should not use red as a primary color in the bedrooms and other rooms. It is best to use it as a decoration.

But pastel yellow just designed for relaxation. Straw, sand, in short, calm tones of yellow color will fit for the bedroom. Also during the research it was found that this color stimulates brain activity, and also tones the condition of the person.

Blue and purple colors in abundance in the interior of a bedroom can lead to a depressive state, and the same goes for the black, perhaps, this is why these colors not often seen in the interior. It should also be noted that these colors are cold.

White shades symbolize peace, serenity and emptiness, but you should not stop your choice on this color, as long presence between the white walls can also lead to a depressive state. It is best to dilute it with either pastel shades or bright details.

Pink pastel colors will create the romantic atmosphere, bright shades will cause irritation.

Green symbolizes the natural harmony, at the same time it is very friendly color and creates peace. When you select a main color for the bedroom interior you may be sure that pastel green color fits best, because the green shades are able to relieve fatigue and stress accumulated during the day.

In summary, it can be noted that the color directly affects our psychological state, but as each person is different, it is necessary to take into account your own preferences and habits, because fashion trends differ from person to person.

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