How to choose a gold ring with a diamond?

How to choose a gold ring with a diamond?

Choosing a nice gold ring with a diamond is quite difficult for the ignorant person. Diamonds are divided into several types both in their composition and the quality and method of processing.

How to choose a gold ring with a diamond

Before embarking on such an important matter, you’ve got to be armed with some knowledge regarding this famous stone.

Diamonds come in different colors. In addition to the classical transparent cold, there are pink, yellow, and black stones. Black diamonds are the rarest, and therefore the most expensive.

Diamonds, as a rule, do not come in bright colors. Only shades. They are calculated by comparing the stones with perfectly white sheet of paper.

The yellowish stones look good in the frame of the ring from the classic yellow gold. Transparent and pink are perfect in a frame of white gold rings. If you do not comply with this condition, these rings will look inharmonious, and unnatural. This should be taken into account by those who order the production of the ring in an artisan.

The rings with diamonds also greatly vary by cost. Firstly, by the size of the stone. Accordingly, the more carats, the more expensive the stone is. Secondly, the cost of the stone depends on its purity. Purity of the stone is the amount of natural contaminants therein. It is divided into several types by the numbers. The most pure and precious stones are from the fifth to the first group.

Average ones are from fifth to seventh. The cheapest are from the eighth to the ninth. But even in cases with stones of eighth to ninth groups experienced jeweler will be able to correct the shortcomings using a high-quality frames and harmonious entry into the overall design of the ring. Not the last role is played here by a golden ring itself. If everything is done efficiently and professionally, then this ring will look no worse than similar products of the most expensive class.
It is better to choose a ring with a single, but more or less large diamond. Placer of few stones looks better as the environment of another gem, such as ruby, or emerald. Small diamonds reveal the

depth of the main stone and add it color and shine. Only you should consider the color of diamonds themselves. It is better if they are neutral and transparent.

As a rule, there is a special passport to stone in addition to the gold ring with a diamond. It contains all the information about its purity and cutting. Typically, there is no need to request a passport; it must be given together with the ring. And if the passport was not given, and a jewelry store sellers look at you with a surprise, not understanding what is going on, it is better to leave such store as there is a great a risk to buy a fake.

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