How to choose a guitar in a shop?

How to choose a guitar in a shop?

The first problem that a beginning musician ecnounters with is choosing a guitar. There are lots of guitars in today’s market of guitars manufacturers that differ in their appearance, sound, quality of the wood and, of course, in pricing policy. So how can one choose a good guitar without making any mistakes?

How to choose a guitar in a shop

To begin with, you should choose a guitar playing style – it can be classics, rock or something heavier. Starting from your preferences you should look for a suitable instrument – it can be an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar or a bass guitar. It’s a hard choice that requires some experience in the sphere of guitars manufactures and construction of a guitar. If you don’t care about the style for the first time, an acoustic guitar will fit you well. It’s easier to learn to play it from scratch, it’s also easier to play chords and this guitar is cheaper than electric one. Moreover, you can have a quite wide repertoire – from classics to rock and jazz.

You can by a cheap guitar made of plywood for studying. It won’t serve you long but you’ll certainly understand if you really like to play guitar or it was just a passing fancy. If you lose your desire to play in a couple of months, you won’t regret about the money you’ve wasted on a guitar. It’s a good idea to take your friend’s instrument.
But if have no such friends, the only way is to go to the music shop.

Estimate your financial means. Compare the prices of several shops. The cheaper is the instrument, the worse sound it has. At first you won’t care about it, but if you want to use your guitar for a long time, it’s a very important aspect.

Of course wood is better than plastic. A guitar made of plastic doesn’t worth the money one can spend on it because the sound is expressionless and suppressed by guitar’s body. The most common wood for guitar is alder. If you want to play jazz, you should choose spruce. And if you’re fond of solo, a guitar made of maple or ash will unlock your potential and sound will be bright and clear. Generally speaking, the best material for the beginners is poplar. A guitar made of poplar won’t be very expensive and will have quite good sound.

Guitar must be convenient – it’s the main rule. You don’t have to do anything special, just take it and hit the strings. If you don’t experience any discomfort, this guitar suits you.

The beginners are likely to use nylon strings. They are easier to play and they are also soft. It’s important because for the first time strings will irritate your fingers. Although their endurance is lower, so you’ll have to change them often.

This case mostly concerns electric guitars because they differ very much in body form and color. Everything depends on guitar manufacturer, so it’s a good idea to get to know bout the variants of guitar’s appearance. Don’t buy the first one that you’ve found, nevertheless, you are going to use it for a long time, so you need to be sure that it suits you perfectly. It would be a good thing to go there with someone experienced. This person can help you and prevent you from possible mistakes.

Examine the instrument carefully before you buy it. Get sure that there are no scratches, cracks or chips. They can strongly influence on the quality of the sound. Check the guitar sound – the strings must not buzz. For this to be done you can ask a shop assistant to show you several instruments and compare their sound. Choosing a guitar is a crucial and exiting experience in beginning musician’s life because the further training depends on it. Therefore, you should take it seriously. Don’t hurry to buy it. Visit several shops, ask a shop assistant or your friend for advice and then make the final choice. Good luck!

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