How to choose a hairstyle for the shape of the face?

How to choose a hairstyle for the shape of the face?

Sometimes, in order to change life, it is enough to change hairstyle. To make a new haircut to be a decoration, it should fit your face type.

How to choose a hairstyle for the shape of the face


Face is slightly elongated, as in the case with the ‘oval’. But the ‘rectangle’ is characterized by a more pronounced cheekbones and a rather broad forehead, which are often the subject of complexes.

Hairstyle should provide volume at ear level. For example, a classic bob up to the chin or feminine pageboy. Voluminous hairstyle will help to harmonize proportions: face framing curls or neatly trimmed earlocks at the level of the cheekbones. On thick and voluminous hair feathercut will look excellent. If the hair has lack of volume naturally, make a choice in favor of a shortened version.

Forelock must be mandatory attribute. Thick straight or trimmed to one side, it lets her hair to be combed back, collect it in a ponytail.


This form looks very feminine. However, for those wishing to correct the natural appearance there are many hairstyles.
Forelock can slightly lengthen the face. It may be ragged, asymmetrical and a bit cheeky. In choosing of hairstyles the preference should be given to options, anticipated volume at the nape. For soft hair a good choice would be stepped bob with a shorter top layer and an elongated bottom; it is visually lengthen facial contours. But from a flat bottom edge of the classic versions of bobs it is better to refuse: they will make face even rounder.


This type of a face is also called the ‘heart’: chin is small and pointed, forehead and cheekbones are wide. Incidentally, this shape of the face is very much appreciated by artists!
Choose a hairstyle that visually expands the chin area. The styling should be based on the principle of a ‘pyramid’: a flattened top, volumetric bottom. The ideal length is up to the chin or shoulder length. A perfect complement of such hairstyles is forelock – oblique or trimmed evenly. Avoid excessive strictness in hairstyle, hard lines and asymmetry; they emphasize the angularity of the facial features.


The face is an oval, if its length is slightly greater than the width, and the cheekbones and forehead width are about the same. You’re in luck, because this form allows wearing of almost any hairstyle.

Do not hesitate to try on a variety of images: feminine curls, strict bob and even boy-like hairstyle. You are perfect both with the volume bob and curls. If you are the owner of an elongated oval, forelock of any length and shape come to the aid.

Tips from stylist

• Long nose can be hidden with asymmetrical forelock, side parting and voluminous hairstyles.
• If your nose is too wide, it is better to refuse forelock at all and if upturned tip of the nose you will look great combed up hairstyles without forelock.
• Small features of the face will be decorated with ringlets and too large ones will look better with lifted up hairstyles without forelock.
• For tiny girl it is advisable not to choose the lush fleece. Straight hair, short haircuts will look much better.
• For curvaceous girls smooth hairstyles, combed hair and too short haircuts are not recommended. In this case, the head will look disproportionately small. The best choice would be voluminous and lush hair.

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