How to choose a make-up foundation?

How to choose a make-up foundation?

Every woman dreams of the beautiful skin and consistent color. However, there often exist a few issues that one wants to hide: pimples, blackheads, reddening or darkening, enlarged pores. To conceal all these drawbacks, face tinting creams are used.

How to choose a make-up foundation

Choosing the right foundation product, depending on skin type

If you want the cream to perform its functions well, you should make sure to choose the right one. For oily skin it’s advisable to choose light, liquid products, such as mousses, emulsions, fluids with minimum amount of oil or cream powder, creating a matt effect. It should be indicated on the packing that this particular product is suitable for oily skin.

Additional moisture is of crucial importance for dry skin; therefore, one should choose the creamy, oil-based foundation, containing nourishing and moisturizing ingredients. BB creams can become a good option, for they simultaneously perform multiple tasks – hiding skin imperfections and nourishing it.

Needless to say that, if you have a problem-prone skin, it is better to avoid using foundation products at all – not to irritate the epidermis even more and not to harm it. If there is an urgent need to use the cream, then, choose hypoallergenic cosmetic products that are specially developed for this skin type, producing the anti-inflammatory effect.

Choosing the tint of the make-up foundation
The right foundation tint should be selected, depending on a person’s skin tone – it can be warm, cold or neutral. People with the cold skin tone have purple veins on their wrist or bend of elbow. In the sun their skin is shot with bluish color. In this case, one should choose a foundation with pinky tint.

The veins on the wrist of a person, who has the warm tone, are green and the skin becomes light yellow in the sunlight. In this case, the best suitable option is a foundation of golden tints. If it’s impossible to specify clearly, which type the skin belongs to, then it has a neutral tone. Beige foundation will look perfect on this kind of skin.

Types of foundation products

Sometimes it is difficult to choose the only one suitable product out of such a large number of options offered. The following information can be used as the guideline:

– Moisturizing. This product is necessary for girls with dry skin;
– Matting. Conceals oily sheen;
– Anti-aging. With lifting effect, it’s recommended for middle aged women;
– Glossy tinting cream. Suitable for dull skin, making it more healthy;
– Mineral. Its natural ingredients produce beneficial effect on the skin, it suits everybody;
– Super long-lasting. Doesn’t disappear, doesn’t ball up, doesn’t stain clothes, but it’s not recommended for everyday use, as it is dense and thick.

Advice on choosing and using the face foundation cream

1. Like any other makeup product, you should buy foundation of the well-known brands in specialized stores.
2. It’s necessary to try the product by putting it on the face; make sure that its tint doesn’t differ from the neck tone.
3. Foundation product, stored in glass forms, should be taken out, using special spade or stick, but not with a finger – in order to avoid oxidation of the product.
4. Foundation can be applied onto the skin with fingers or a special brush. It’s important to keep in mind that the harder you rub it into the skin, the more long-lasting it will be.
5. Make sure to wash off foundation for the night thoroughly; moreover, give your skin a rest from any kind of cosmetics at least once a week.

When putting on a make-up, you shouldn’t neglect a foundation product. A modern and high-quality face tinting cream will not only conceal the defects, but will also moisturize and nourish your skin, smooth its color, give it brilliance and healthy shine!

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