How to choose a photographer – a real professional?

How to choose a photographer – a real professional?

In recent years, when the low cost SLR Cameras of a good quality appeared in the market, the number of photographers has significantly increased also. But can we say that the quality of their work has increased too? Definitely not! Today, certainly, you’ll be offered ‘high quality’ services for little pay. But is it worth to consider such proposals and take it on trust? Let’s try to understand what criteria will help define a professional photographer.

How to choose a photographer – a real professional

First, let’s get acquainted with the photographer’s portfolio. This will allow assessing the quality of photographs. Because his works are his ‘face’! Note that, as a rule, the most successful works are put into the portfolio. Also, examples of the work of the photographer can be found in social networks and on his personal website. After examining and analyzing the information, we can understand how serious the professional’s attitude towards his work. If you see that the photos are of medium or low quality, there is no point in continuing of communication with such an expert.

In a conversation with the photographer ask what amount of time he is engaged in this activity. If he has an experience of year or less, then he has not enough experience. If 25 or more years then he can artificially inflate prices, and this may also indicate that he had long ago stopped the development of his creativity. It is better to give preference to the photographer, who has been working in the range of 3 to 15 years.

Examples of work
In a personal meeting, ask specialist to show you one of his works in full size. If during the watching of 600 to 900 pieces you’ve found about 50 to 100 quality units, needless to say that the cooperation with the photographer is not an option.

Justification of the services cost
Every photographer who does his job really qualitatively, has an adequate self-esteem, and is conscious of his worth. Try to be a psychologist a little and ask him what exactly caused the cost of his services. Perhaps he is paired with an assistant, has a number of high-quality cameras at his disposal or drives his customers on his own car. In this case, the price of his services is quite reasonable.

The quality of photo editing
Ask the photographer what editing he is going to use for your pictures. Remember that most unprofessional potboilers give basic handling for the good work and take a considerable fee for it. Such editing can be ordered in any photo studio for little money. A real photographer, who values his reputation and clientele, in addition to basic photo editing, will necessarily:
• shape disheveled hairstyles of all the guests;
• remove stains on clothing;
• remove redness and other imperfections from people’s faces;
• align the lines of the bodies and the form of clothes.

The time needed for getting the results
Ask a specialist when you get the package of ready photos on your hands. If he says he will provide photographs in a week, then he will not edit them and give you the raw material. By doing so, the expert shows disrespect for his customers and makes the job poorly. The best time of processing the material, taking the labor churn and that the photographer is working all the time into account, is a period of 1 to 2 months.

When choosing a professional photographer be guided not only by common sense and the above tips, but also listen to your own heart. Intuition, as a rule, does not cheat! This will help you distinguish an experienced specialist in the field of photographic art from ordinary amateur.

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