How to choose a professional hair dryer?

How to choose a professional hair dryer?

The purchase of hair dryer is a theme of interest for many people, regardless of whether they are barbers or ordinary people who just care about their hair health. Before you buy this tool, you need to see all its basic settings.

How to choose a professional hair dryer

Technical parameters

According to expert advices, optimum power while working in the salon is about 2400 Wt. If there are a lot of people, it gives the opportunity to work quickly and economically. It can withstand considerable loads and does not harm the hair.

All the home hair dryers are typically about 0.5 kg – not to weigh down the hand during drying. The bigger weight is allowed for hairdressers: professionals are used for drying the third parties’ hair.

As for the characteristics of the materials of dryers, the should be heat resistant and withstand any blows. Wire should be well bent, and its optimal length is around two meters, which is very convenient to use.

The better heating is on ceramic surface: it evenly heats the hair and doesn’t lead to dryness. The presence of nozzle designed for working with long hair is also important. It will help for flipping hair while drying at the roots.

There should be buttons for regulation of hot and cold air speed and rate and its temperature on the handle. This fact allows to make drying quicker and more comfortable, with no harm for the hair and the head.

There is still one factor – ionization. For example, if you use it with simple non-professional dryer, then you’ll get unruly hair. And, of course, they will be smooth and shiny with using professional instruments, that is essential for girls with curly hair.

Nozzles and other accessories for professional hair dryer

Nozzles are used to facilitate hair styling. Some of them are sold with hairdryer, and the rest can be purchased separately. The main thing is that they should suit for a specific model.

Diffuser is good for natural curly hair. It will make them lush and wavy. You should use it at low speed and small temperature. Diffusor may be used on straight strands only by professionals, who know how to handle with it.

Concentrators will make job easy while straightening and styling hair. They concentrate the hot air to the right place. Such work requires high temperature and slow speed. The hair cuticles are being closed, and they can take any shape.

Professional hair dryers have the function called “cold shot”. It is being used to cool the curls, clipping styling. “The shot” keeps for about 5 seconds.

While choosing a professional hair dryer pay close attention to the period of its operation, the ability to protect the motor from hair and dirt, and easiness to keep clean.

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