How to choose a refrigerator?

How to choose a refrigerator?

In Soviet times, there was a queue for the refrigerator, and nobody have questions about choosing the right brand – they took what was. Nowadays everything is changing and the variety of models and vendors is staggering. But how to make the right purchase?

How to choose a refrigerator

This unit is chosen not for one year, taking into account the specific characteristics and needs of particular family. As a result, first you should pay attention to the criteria, which will be considered bellow.

1. Power consumption. Class of fridge, marked by capital Latin letters from A to G, characterizes the power consumption of the product. The most economical refrigerators are of A class, and class G has the lowest rate. Of course, you can look for the most economical models, for example, class Super A, but it might just be the PR move of the manufacturer.

2. The quality of the appearance can be defined easily – by the strength of the paint in the interior sections. Unfortunately, there are cases, when the paint under the sticker fades with it.

3. Refrigerators are often equipped with units from other manufacturers. For example, the refrigerator is ours, and the compressor is from China. We won’t recommend buying such climate technic – each respectable vendor collects made his equipment from the domestic components. Or it may produce all the nodes itself.

4. Only the buyer should choose which refrigerator is better – built-in or not. Both of them has advantages and disadvantages, that are defined by the requirements of the size of the kitchen and the room design. However, embedded fridges are more expensive than usual.

5. Ergonomics of refrigerator, in particular – its noise. The marginal noise is noted on the energy passport sticker. GOST 16317-87 sets a limit noise level for household refrigerators at 53 dB – compare and draw conclusions.

6. The amount of working cameras – this parameter is also determined by the need of the family: if the bachelor needs the single-chamber fridge, a large family will definitely need a triple. Two-compartment refrigerators are the most popular.

7. The principle of the control system – it may be electronical or electromechanical. Electromechanical control is more reliable in operation, and less sensitive to voltage surges. Units with electronic controls attract by high-precision adjustment of the operating parameters of the device.

8. The color. Conservatives choose white refrigerators, and the creative consumers – colored ones. In fact, it’s the last criteria you should lean on while choosing this vital household unit.

There are some more additional parameters, but these will be enough to make the right choice.

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