How to choose a shade of hair dye?

How to choose a shade of hair dye?

Women in all ages – from ancient times to the present day – monitor the state and the color of their hair. Not only in ancient Rome, Egypt and Greece, but also in Russ, they dyed hair with natural substances. But the science of beauty does not stand still. And today we are, just as a century ago, coloring hair, but do it by other means.

How to choose a shade of hair dye

Some of the modern women prefer to dye hair with natural dyes such as henna or basma. These natural dyes remain on the surface of the hair without penetrating inside, so quickly washed away, leaving “a hint of color” which is not always attractive. Basically those who dyes or are just about to start to dye the hair, choose modern hair dyes.


Hair dye changes your appearance. Properly selected, the new color gives the image a new brightness, and you feel confident in your beauty and attractiveness;
Dye paints gray hair; it turns dull, aging hair of woman in a radiant and young;
Choosing dye with caring ingredients, you will always have a healthy and beautiful hair.


Paint can damage your hair if:
– You use a product from an unknown manufacturer;
– Your paint was purchased in an unreliable place. On the open market or street stalls, as a rule, there are no proper conditions for storage of cosmetic products, and from this it comes into disrepair.

How to choose a dye?

To the color of a dye suit you as much as possible and to spoil the overall impression, you need to choose a shade that matches your color personality.

There are 4 color personalities with names of the seasons. In determining of yours, you should be guided by the color of the skin, eyes and your natural hair.

“Spring” is a bright and sunny style. Golden blond or light brown hair, peach skin, freckles of warm shades, green or hazel eyes remind us of the heyday of nature.

“Summer” is a light and airy style. Hair is blond or ashy; skin with a pinkish or bluish “cold” shimmer, blue or gray eyes; if you have freckles, they also have a “cool” color. All this causes in us memories of the summer sky and the cool water.

“Autumn” is a bright type of crimson and yellow season. Dark golden, warm brown or red hair, dark skin and brown or green eyes attract us with rich colors of autumn.

“Winter” is bright cold color personality. Dark hair from brown to black, white skin with a barely noticeable pinkish or blueness, bright eyes from gray to blue shades remind us the light of the winter sun, and sparkling snowflakes.

The warm shades of hair fit two of these color personalities “Spring” and “Autumn”; the other two – “Summer” and “Winter” – look good with cold ones.

This rule must be observed when selecting a hair dye to your new image would be harmonious and attract the attention of others.

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