How to Choose Clothes for Office Party

How to Choose Clothes for Office Party

As you know, any company gives an office party. During this event coworkers have a good opportunity to get with each other and the higher management. The corporate party can be formal, it can be celebration of some holiday or the collective bowling trip just to distress and relax after week-long hard and stressful work. 

How to Choose Clothes for Office Party

What can one put on at a party? The evening function and officiality make people keep the conservative style in choosing a dress. The revealing neckline, transparent clothes, too seductive low décolleté, minis and extravagant dresses are strongly forbidden. The main aspect of choosing the clothes for the staff party is modesty. You shouldn’t attract too much colleagues’ attention especially if there are the higher management and you don’t hold the major post.  The gaudy accessories are also inappropriate.

Women are recommended to have a floor-length dress and spike heels on and take a clutch in the same style. It’s better to let a professional do face and hair. Men must be smooth-shaven. If a man has moustache or beard, they must be well-groomed. It’s not so difficult to choose clothes for men: it can be a suit in soothing colour with straight lines. The dress must accentuate individuality. In such cases it’s recommended to have a tailored formal suit of good-quality fabric.

For informal evening a cocktail dress or a holiday trouser suit is excellent. You can add some glitter to your look. If you’re going to such event, just remember that it’s impermissible to be dressed richer and more gaudery than the higher management even if you have such a possibility and you want to show off your amazing dress. And the same concerns accessories. By the way, you can’t appear at the party in casual everyday dress even if you don’t have enough time to change your clothes. You can save the day putting on a beautiful blouse and spike heels. Men can have their favourite jeans and a shirt on, choosing the colour to their taste.

For a theme party dress code is usually specified and it’s easier to choose. The main rule of choosing the clothes for the theme party is not to fall out of style. For example, if it is the retro party, not only the dress but also the hair and accessories must complement the look.

While thinking of the clothes for a trip to the cinema, bowling or other spots you should choose jeans and a T-shirt without any ambiguous prints. You can dress yourself to your taste but, of course, within the limits. Don’t forget about the main rule: the sexy style is impermissible and probably someone won’t accept your appearance.

You should remember that men as well as women should put on the tasteful clothes and behave adequately at any office party.


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