How to choose comfortable shoes?

How to choose comfortable shoes?

Elegant shoes can complement and make unique any image. But blindly following the fashion trends and choosing beautiful, but not comfortable shoes can be dangerous for your heath. How to choose comfortable shoes?

Right size

It’s easy to determine the size. You need to measure the maximum foot length from the heel to the last point of thumb. But the dimensional grid may differ for different manufactures, so don’t risk buying shoes without trying. In addition, there is such a parameter as the fullness of the legs, which is difficult to define in absentia.

Try to buy shoes in the late afternoon, because feet are bit swollen through the day, and they consequently become bigger. Some people have different size of left and right feet, in this case just focus on the larger size.

Trying on shoes in the store, certainly put on a pair and walk around the trading hall. You should not feel the discomfort or inconvenience. The right shoes perfectly adhere to the legs, but don’t compress to it. Don’t hope, that uncomfortable shoes will stretch out eventually, it’s better to abandon such purchase at all. Besides it, only the shoes of quality leather can adapt to the shape of the feet.

Style matters

Footwear isn’t just a beautiful wardrobe addition. Incorrectly chosen model increases the risk of varicose veins and degenerative disc disease. As a rule, buyers pay attention to the following criteria:

• Sole. Pick up flexible, but not thin sole, not to feel all bumps of the road. Buy winter shoes with the raise sole that will protect from sliding and avoid falling on the ice. If the bottom of the shoes is stitched, and not glued, it will serve much longer.
• Heel. High heels look luxurious, but absolutely not suitable for constant wear, because it creates additional load on the spine. A small steady heel should be the ideal height from 2 to 5 cm.
• Sock. The most convenient toe is the rounded one, because the toes are not compressed in such shoes, and they are in physiologically right position.

Practical material

The best option is shoes made of natural materials, that are breathable and allow feet to breathe. They include:

• Leather – is the most practical option because taking care of it doesn’t require much effort.
• Patent leather – looks very elegant, but this material has a low permeability, therefore it’s not suitable for everyday wear.
• Suede and nubuck – are lightweight material. But they are a little bit “moody” to care. You will need a special suede brush and tools that will protect it from moisture.

You should abandon from leather substitutes, or, at least, choose a model with a leather footbed. Synthetic material and dyes often cause allergic reactions and even provoke the development of fungal diseases. Choosing autumn and winter shoes, pay attention to insulation. The real fur is preferable, because it will protect you from cold without causing harm.

Shoe store – isn’t a place for savings. It’s better to have not so many pairs of shoes, but all of it should be convenient and reliable.

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