How to choose earrings?

How to choose earrings?

Earrings should be chosen according to several characteristics. Jewelry, just like clothing, can simply not be suitable or be inappropriate in some situation. Agree that it will be strange to come in evening dress to the office to work. This also applies to the selection of jewelry.

How to choose earrings

One of the main rules in the world of accessories provides that all jewelry must harmoniously complement the image. In the evening and a festive version is one set, and in the daily working time is completely different. Sports clothing style is usually almost completely exclude the presence of jewelry; only sports wristbands or stud earrings are allowed.

The shape of earrings should be selected based on the shape of your face. Thus, to the oval shape almost any configuration and models of earrings are suitable. Most importantly, the neck would not be short. In that case, if the neck is a little bit short, you should not choose long earrings. They will shorten the neck even more and make image look disproportionately.

Chubby ladies can safely choose elongated earrings, of thin form, with a volume texture. Avoid any circles, spheres and ovals. As you probably guessed, this form will only accentuate the round face. Also do not use stud earrings.

For square faces we can advise elongated bulk earrings. The evening version of it may even be the chandelier earrings. Again, it is allowed only if the neck is of sufficient length. The main condition for women with a square faces is to avoid any geometric shapes in jewelry. The lines should be soft and smooth. This applies to both forms of jewelry as a whole, and its individual elements.

Additional angles and sharp edges only accentuate the square shape.

The most complicated shape of the face is a triangle. There the much greater role is played by the length of the neck. The basic rule for the girls with a triangular type of face is: ‘acting on the reverse’. That is, if we have ‘heart’ face with broad forehead, plus a narrow chin, then choose earrings expanding to the bottom. If on the contrary, you have a narrow forehead and wide chin (pear type), and then the form of earrings should be broad at the earlobe and narrow at the bottom. The length of earrings must be adjusted based on the length of the neck. The shape of earrings should be considered even if it is the usual studs.

Using these simple techniques, you will always look fashionable, attractive and harmonious!

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