How to choose jewelry out of stones?

How to choose jewelry out of stones?

The original decoration of the stones can become the perfect complement to the image, a focus that draws attention. How to choose the right jewelry and find out which stone suits you best?

How to choose jewelry out of stones

Types of jewelry

There are different jewelry from stones, differing not only by materials but also the form, the purpose of decoration, cut stone and other moments.

• Beads. Bright necklaces were in high esteem by our ancestors, and now stores offer a huge assortment of these ornaments. Large, massive beads are more suitable for older ladies and girls are better to choose light necklace of small beads.
• Brooches. Original brooch can transform even the impression from the nondescript attire. Decoration may be provided in the form of a figurine or be a gem in a frame.
• Rings and earrings. These accessories are often included; in addition, it is usually taken to choose them so that they would blend with each other, so it is best to purchase a product from the same stone, or at least in one color.
• Pendants. Framed stone on a chain is simple and elegant. No additional decoration can reveal all the beauty of natural stone pattern. Suspension can be both small and petite, and pretty massive in size.
• Bracelets. They will draw attention to your hands, so if you have a beautiful slender wrist, safely choose this accessory. You can combine a few bracelets on the one hand, if they are sufficiently thin and small.

How to choose a stone

Many are lost, choosing jewelry with stones, because they cannot decide what gem to prefer.

• Natural stone has its own energy that you can feel when to hold the jewelry in your hands. Try to feel, if the stones may cause peace and tranquility? Or, on the contrary, does some anxiety appear? Based on these experiences, you can understand what the stone is for you.
• If you feel nothing special, then just try to trim decoration, matching colors to your wardrobe and color-type appearance. This is a win-win option, because looking in the mirror you can easily determine which stone looks better.

Decoration may simply be beautiful accessory, and can become a talisman that brings good luck. It all depends on your choice and the relationship to the stones. In any case, correctly chosen decoration – it is a good way to emphasize your own style and create an interesting image.

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