How to choose shoes?

How to choose shoes?

This may sound banal, but absolutely every woman strives to look attractive. And in order to achieve the result she creates a certain image. But to create the image you need to know how to choose clothes and cosmetics, as well as required the right choice of footwear. In this article we will talk about how to properly choose shoes.

How to choose shoes

For holiday or everyday life

First we need to determine what you need shoes for. In this case, there may be two options: it will be the so-called parade and weekend shoes or footwear to be worn every day.

For example, if the shoes are selected for ‘going out’ and they are supposed to be worn only a few hours a day, then the main criterion will be the external characteristics of the footwear. That is, more attention should be paid directly to the appearance. The effect of beauty, heel height, and the brand – that’s what you need to create the impression at a party. Of course, the convenience should not be forgotten. Since such shoes are usually have very high heels, you will appreciate how convenient and comfortable they are for feet. Also interior is of great importance for this type of footwear.

As for casual shoes, it is primarily it must not cause discomfort when worn. One of the best options for the casual footwear is the shoes with a small and sustainable heel. It is believed that the perfect shoes are those in which the heel height of 5 cm. For a daily walk it is very important that the shoes would be made of high quality materials, would not be excessively rigid and would not put pressure on the fingers.

Important tips

Famous stylists and marketers give the following tips for selecting footwear:

1. It is better to buy footwear before noon, because in this period your foot has not yet swollen from walking. If you still have to go to the store in the evening, there is a great likelihood that you’ll buy shoes larger than necessary. Be sure to consider this point.

2. When buying, remember another useful rule: when fitting shoes be sure to try on not only the right shoe but the left one also. It has long been known that people’s legs can vary in size.

3. Do not buy shoes if the back seams of them press your feet. Do not succumb to the idea that when wearing this discomfort will disappear, such shoes cannot be spread. Even when buying a special attention should be paid to the sole. In any case do not take the shoes, which, when bended, can get to the heel with the toe, as it is a bright representative of poor-quality goods.

4. It is safer to buy shoes in the store than in the market. When buying in the shop, you will be able to make a claim in the case when you’re not lucky, and shoes are of low quality.

5. Remember, buying shoes, be sure to check with the seller the warranty period (the time during which you can return the shoes back to the store). And the rest – the choice is only yours!

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