How to choose the home textiles correctly?

How to choose the home textiles correctly?

Home comfort and convenience cannot be imagined without high-quality textiles. Home textiles are an extremely important element of the arrangement of any home, whether it is a small city apartment, or a spacious country cottage. Textiles perform several important functions both functional and aesthetic. How to choose the right home textiles to it would combine as organically as possible with the overall design of the room and fill the apartment with warmth and comfort?

How to choose the home textiles correctly

Home textiles are exactly what create a unique, cozy atmosphere in the house, although it is just a ‘detail’. Textiles are conditionally divided into several groups, depending on their functions. Textiles for the bathroom are a variety of towels; bedroom is very difficult to imagine without quality bed linen, blankets and bedspreads, and a living room without a nice, cozy carpet, decorative pillows and beautiful curtains.

Modern kitchen necessarily implies the presence of many tablecloths, napkins, oven gloves, aprons and oven mitts. They attach warmth and comfort to the kitchen, as well as facilitate the implementation of many works in the kitchen.
The choice of textiles should be treated with the utmost seriousness, as properly selected textiles should ideally fit into the interior space, complement it perfectly, making it completely ideal. Properly selected textiles create the right mood and emotional environment, filling the room with the comfort and coziness.

Kitchen textiles: the rules for choice

Textile products should match the overall style of the room. But this does not mean that if the kitchen is made in emerald green tones, the tablecloths and napkins must be of the same color. Choose textiles according to your mood. Business people who devote all their time to work, should pick up textiles of soothing pastel shades, with understated textures and muted prints.

For active people with a great sense of humor, the bright, colorful things are just perfect. The same may be napkins, towels, pot holders, aprons, table cloths and curtains in the kitchen. Energetic cheerful colors bring a touch of lightness and fun to the interior of the kitchen.


Selection of kitchen textiles is not an easy task, because all selected items should be not only beautiful, but also practical. Every housewife tries to create a cozy, comfortable and multi-functional area in the kitchen where every thing has a specific function.

Curtains are the required element of a kitchen interior. For the kitchen it is necessary to select the most practical and functional blinds model. Fortunately, today specialized stores present an extremely wide range of curtains for every taste and budget. For the kitchen, it is not recommended to select long, heavy curtains of dense materials. The steam will settle on the fabric, so you will have to wash the curtains constantly and they will rapidly lose their attractive appearance. An excellent alternative may be roller blinds or shutters.

Convenient and practical pot holders are needed in every kitchen; they greatly facilitate the process of cooking. Very often in stores you can find beautiful and thick potholders made of organic cotton and in the most different variants of colors. Thanks to an extensive assortment, every woman will be able to choose products that match the interior color range of the kitchen. An excellent option for a modern kitchen can be comfortable silicone pot holders; they are durable and practical, with maximum heat resistance and ease of care. Silicone oven gloves can be washed in the dishwasher; this does not affect the brightness and color saturation.

The most important element in the textile design of the kitchen is a table cloth. And this is not surprising, because it is at the kitchen table the whole family gathers in the evening, a variety of festive events are celebrated. It is best to buy two tablecloths – festive and everyday. Tablecloth performs both an aesthetic function, harmoniously fitting into the interior of the kitchen, and practical – protects the table surface from various scratches and other damage. For everyday use, it is best to choose a tablecloth from a practical, natural material as cotton or linen. Festive table will be decorated with the luxurious lace tablecloth, with elegant openwork patterns or hand embroidery, which is perfect for any festive event.

Apron is absolutely indispensable thing for the kitchen, which is present in the arsenal of every housewife. Modern aprons are made of solid, practical fabrics, or else synthetic, waterproof materials that are easy for the cleaning.

Kitchen towels are the indispensable element in the design of the kitchen. It is best to choose kitchen towels from lightweight waffle material; they perfectly absorb moisture, easy to wash and dry quickly.

Textile products for the kitchen can be made from both natural and synthetic materials. Natural materials include linen, cotton, wool, silk; these products are easy to care for, elegant and aesthetically appealing and practical. The disadvantages of natural materials include relatively high cost.

Kitchen textiles from synthetic materials enjoy wide popular among many housewives; they are light and functional, wear-resistant, quick drying and cheap. The disadvantage of synthetics is the inability to pass air.

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