How to Choose Woman’s Sunglasses?

How to Choose Woman’s Sunglasses?

Woman’s sunglasses are not only an accessory emphasizing the lady’s style perfectly but also an important item defending the eyes’ health. As a consequence, while choosing them you should take into account the make’s style, functionality and, of course, quality.

How to Choose Woman’s Sunglasses

Choice of sunglasses’ lens

Woman’s sunglasses with lenses of glass are the best, they perfectly protect the eyes from ultraviolet but it’s easy to break or scratch them. Plastic lenses carry out the protective function worse than others, get blurred faster and then make visibility worse. But such glasses are lighter, more durable and more available as they cost cheaper than their glass analogues.

Sunglasses’ frame

Now there’s a great variety of sunglasses of different shapes and it’s easy to choose them to every taste:

1. A make of any shape looks harmonically on an oval face but take into account that sunglasses shouldn’t be very big.

2. Angular, square and rectangular frames can be an ideal variant for round-faced women because they make the face visually longer.

3. A woman with a square face is recommended to buy the makes with round or oval frame, can-eye or aviator sunglasses. Such pieces smooth angularity and draw attention to eyes.

4. Women with a triangular face should choose unassuming and exact pieces without any decorative elements and in a thin frame. The best choice is butterfly sunglasses.

5. If you have a rectangular face, you should buy the sunglasses with a massive frame of square shape.

Sunglasses’ colour

The lenses’ colour can affect a person’s mood differently. It’s better to buy sunglasses of natural colours: brown, gray and deep-green. Lenses in red, blue, yellow or pink colours can really tire, so it’s better to abandon them.

The colour of sunglasses’ frame must suit a woman’s look and colourtype perfectly. Black, golden and silver colours will suit fair-haired women. Pink, blue and claret frames will be perfect for blondes. Women with black or nutbrown hair should choose the frames in brown, red, wine-dark and golden. Salmon-coloured, terra-cotta, shampoo-coloured and azure sunglasses will suit dark blond ladies. Red-haired women are recommended to buy sunglasses with taupe, sand-coloured, brown, chartreuse and dark green frames.

Pieces of advice on buying woman’s sunglasses

– Don’t scrimp while buying sunglasses. It’s better to buy expensive makes as they look more beautiful and defend the eyes better;

– Nowadays there are many sunglasses with different covers improving one or another characteristic, for instance, photochrome, water-proofing, anti-glare or ruggedized characteristics;

– Plastic sunglasses can be high-quality too. First of all, you should look at marking: the higher it is, the better sunglasses protect the eyes from sun. Moreover, makers of high-quality branded accessories mark not only a label but also a make itself, a lens or the inner part of an ear;

– Woman’s sunglasses must be comfortable to the maximum, they mustn’t slip down or press.

Properly selected shape and colour of sunglasses can enhance any lady’s look, make it more magnificent, more stylish and more enigmatic. Its high-quality material and wide functionality protect the health. Hence, you mustn’t abandon buying this necessary accessory by no means!

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